What Indigenous interns say

I have developed a deeper interest in native title as a potential career option.   The most rewarding aspect was the knowledge that the work that I was doing was contributing to assisting Indigenous people to claim native title interests in land, and manage those claims and how native title works in practice. 

Mollie O'Connor, QSNTS

This experience has set up a pathway into my future that I was always keen on pursuing, but it has given me clarity and a realistic vision I can strive to pursue.  I honestly cannot thank Aurora enough for this opportunity and experience and generosity.

Jay Lee Snowden, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

I feel truly honoured to have had the opportunity to give back to a place that has unconditionally supported me over the past 7 years, as I know that the work I have done throughout my internship is valuable, and makes a difference to other Indigenous students. Aurora somewhat feels like a second family, and by doing this internship, and meeting more of the team, I feel like my family and support system has extended. I loved feeling part of something special and working with an incredible team that make magic happen. Aurora makes a huge difference in so many students' lives, because what you do best, above all else, is believe in and support us unconditionally.

Oceania Henry, TAI - Camps

Sad to see an end to what was an amazing internship. The people at Studio Hackett were a huge contribution to that. Ping pong games and staff meals still very strong and as enjoyable as ever. Thank you Aurora for providing such a mad, mad experience!

Zac Duczynski, Studio Hacket

I’m exceptionally grateful to the Aurora Internship Program for giving me the opportunity to further my career and network.

Jenna-Maree Jacob, AIHW

The Aurora Internship Program has been a fantastic introduction to full time research and I am honoured to be an Aurora alumni member.

Barbara Bynder, NULUNGU

I have learnt a lot whilst completing my internship at AV, being able to sit in on executive team meetings has given me a valuable understanding into the processes of governments. Furthermore, working within the treaty team has given me a unique insight into the current treaty process in Victoria.  My internship at AV has also provided the opportunity to develop substantive legal skills and connect the theory and practice of law by experiencing the law in practice outside of the classroom and textbooks.  Finally, whilst at AV I have been able to strengthen existing relationships as well as form new ones with the Victorian Aboriginal community. Much like the rest of Aboriginal Australia, my community has been encouraged by the treaty discussions in Victoria and will be keeping a close watch on the process.

Clinton Benjamin, AV (formerly OAAV)

One of the best aspects of the Program was the assisted expenses I received as an Aboriginal person. It enabled me to stay in Canberra, otherwise I would not have been able to afford it. All the team at Aurora is friendly and easy to contact. I have also been offered on going paid part-time work.

Stevie Wappett, AIATSIS

The experience and knowledge I gained will be something that will direct where I will go after University and in my arts career.  The best aspects were being able to engage in a pathway which is related to my studies as this was something I have been needing over the past three years whilst studying at art school. 

Reece Romagnoli-Townsend, DAAFF

I liked that I got to see what happens behind the scenes at Weenthunga - who does what and how the job gets done. I loved that the team was so welcoming, there's nothing better than going into an environment where you're continuously uplifted and empowered by strong females (both Indigenous and non-Indigenous), the cohesiveness of the team made my internship worthwhile and I think for that, it boosted my confidence and ability to step out of my comfort zone. My supervisor taught me more than what I learnt in my internship - how to be confident, to take pride in my aspirations and to be the best version of myself. 


Because of the pandemic and interstate restrictions, I was required to work-from-home and do my internship virtually, but nonetheless it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. As an Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing student, I found that my placement with Weenthunga aligned with my postgraduate aspirations in research studies on Aboriginal health.

Stephanie Markey, Weenthunga