What Indigenous interns say

When I graduate at the end of 2019 my goal is to be doing my honours at WEHI. This is something I had never thought about, so the last 5 weeks has changed my life. The advice I have gained will have a forever lasting effect on me.     

Stacy Rankin, WEHI

This has been a tremendous time for me. Thank you Aurora.

Kerry Franklin, AHCWA

Overall, I enjoyed my 6-week Aurora internship at Arts Law and believe that this experience has allowed me to further develop and gain skills, which will assist with my professional development

Sharna White, ALCA

Through learning and engaging with the work conducted at Lowitja I gained new skills and important information regarding the Indigenous health sector and my internship has widened and expanded my view on policy and research.  My time at Lowitja had expanded my knowledge and understanding of Indigenous health research and the work put into producing Indigenous health research reports for policy action. I believe that this would be an enriching learning experience for any Mob interested in a career in policy or in the Indigenous health research sector.

Makalie Owens, Lowitja

This internship opened my eyes to the increasing opportunities and different pathways available to me for my future.

Makayla Jennings, First Peoples Health Unit

The Aurora program is water tight! Your care and concern for all interns is astounding. I just want to express my deepest gratitude for the experience. The best aspects were meeting other interns and exposure to the native title and land rights sector.

Militza Banach-Wightman, FNLRS (formerly NTSV)

Highlights were gaining hands-on practical skills, creating professional networking opportunities and developing positive work ethics and professional identity. 

Allison Morgan, WGN

As an Indigenous person I found it better to be placed with Indigenous people. I learnt more, and there was never a time where I was too shame to ask for help.  I like that it is paid internship, which helps me to stay in studies as a single mum.

Imogen Briston, AJU

The entire experience has equipped me with valuable social work skills. I have had the opportunity to build professional relationships, created opportunities to network and was always encouraged to talk about Aboriginal culture. The internship has provided real hands on practical workplace experience. Key Assets is an inclusive and culturally safe workplace environment. Overall, I found the work to be a rewarding and enriching experience.

Jaala Ozies, Key Assets

I found my experience extremely rewarding and insightful. I once was an Aboriginal woman who knew little about the child protection space, which is concerning as it affects so many of our mob. I am now proud to say that I have been a part of an organisation that advocates to keep our Aboriginal children and young people safe and protected.

Lakkari Pitt, AbSec