What Indigenous interns say

I’ve learnt so much and feel that I have a clear direction to head in. Thankyou Terri for an awesome experience…

David Wenitong, Terri Janke

Being an intern at WEHI has broaden my knowledge on both science and lab work.

Gerald Ryder, WEHI

I would like to extend my gratitude to Aurora for allowing this opportunity and for funding me to participate. As an Aboriginal women on the verge of graduating from the University these experiences are invaluable in instilling a sense of future endeavours but also acknowledging our past and our long ties to the land.

Teraze Oromond, SANTS

I was really amazed to see how TAI combines academia and culture when teaching the students. It's a wonderful methodology where one compliments the other perfectly. The commitment shown by the Elders and TAI staff is integral to TAI's success. It was inspiring and humbling to be a part of this for a short time.

Shiralee Lawson, AEF

The most rewarding aspects of my placement was researching and being inspired by Indigenous STEM experts, and refining my science communication skills.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Questacon and I look forward to taking the skills I acquired there with me into the future.

Audrey McInnerney, Questacon

ALS was the perfect environment for a new intern. I felt that I could be productive but also spend time observing and learning new skills for my own development. It was made very clear that the experience was dependent on what we wanted to get out of it. I liked this approach, as I was able to take on jobs and help out, but there was no pressure from the staff. I also loved that the internship opened up a pathway for me to become involved in the Indigenous sector, which I have long been aspiring to do. I feel incredibly lucky to have had this experience and I can't explain how appreciative I am of the efforts made by the team to make everything manageable for me. I feel like I have had the opportunity to develop my own skills and make connections that I may not have been able to do without the assistance through Aurora.

Holli Backhouse, ALS

The Aurora Placement gave me the opportunity to explore, learn and work within the WEHI. Being able to use the machines, carry out techniques and being in an environment that allowed me to ask many questions felt like this understanding was facilitated and meant my learning experience felt productive.  This opportunity has created such intrigue for me. I am eager to see what avenues within health and medical research might align with my passions and hopefully explore what post-graduate study and work possibilities are possible within this field.

Kasarina Mann, WEHI

Overall I feel very lucky to be involved in the Aurora Internship Program and am glad that I have been able to make a contribution to Food Ladder. 

Faith Considine, Food Ladder

Overall, I had an invaluable experience. Most importantly, the experience turned my mind to: how ‘rights’ which Aboriginal people have gained in the western legal system can be used effectively and to their benefit into the future.

Bridget Cama, NLC

Through the Internship Program I have developed my skills and knowledge and had the opportunity to gain real-world experiences within the field I have recently graduated. I was able to confidently engage and established authentic relationships with these young people, who will forever have an influence on my life. I am very fortunate for the support and opportunity that I have received from Aurora and FYA and have only furthered my drive to want to work within my community.

Harriet De Souza, FYA