What Indigenous interns say

As an Indigenous person, gaining experience in an Indigenous focused area is particularly important to me, and was something I had always wanted but did not know how to get until I was made aware of the Aurora Internship Program.  Ultimately, my experience as an Aurora intern enabled me to gain that first step into the Indigenous sector and has further motivated me to continue on this path in future.

Ashley Maroney, Ben Wyatt

This internship opened my eyes to the increasing opportunities and different pathways available to me for my future.

Makayla Jennings, First Peoples Health Unit

This internship has been a fantastic opportunity for me, I have learnt so much about the industry and about anthropology, I have a good understanding of the literature and have been exposed to so many invaluable sources that I did not know existed before, or had not had a reason to look through until now. I am very thankful that I have had the opportunity to be involved, and I believe that this internship will help me find and secure a job after Uni. 

Steve Castell, QSNTS

The Aurora Internship Program I feel ensures Indigenous organisations from around Australia can access help and support in a professional and meaningful way of capacity building regional and urban areas while also providing significant lifetime experiences for undergraduate and post graduate students.

Vincent Backhaus, TSM

As a criminology and psychology student, this opportunity for experience ticked all the boxes.  As I continue my studies, my pathway is broadened and illuminated with the help of Aurora by facilitating and enabling invaluable possibilities and opportunities of experience within sectors where my passion for learning and making a difference truly can have a meaningful impact personally and within my community.

Jaye Lee Snowden, ALSWA

My placement has made me feel like I have really contributed to the work they are and will continue to be doing when I leave, while valuing my opinion for future resources to benefit Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander children in child protection.   I have learnt so much not only about policy research but about what it means to have a full time 9-5 working job which has been a great learning experience.

Aliya Chalmers, SNAICC

There were many rewarding moments, however being able to go on country and attend the claimant meetings were what I found most valuable and unforgettable.

Jessica Moody, KLC

I received a placement that would not only grow my knowledge as a paramedic but also broaden my horizon on the socioeconomic, health and cultural issues facing Indigenous peoples today something I would not have been able to do within my degree.

Sarah Evans, St John Ambulance

Being a social work intern in a legal office was a valuable experience for me personally, as I enjoyed working on matters relating to tenancy and also completing projects to assist KCLS with future matters. This experience also highlighted the intersection of different practice fields and the importance of cooperation and between these fields.


Kira Clark, KCLS

The most rewarding aspect of my placement with FYA was working with young, blak mob.  Being able to travel to Broome was also an unbelievable experience and a seminal moment in my life, due to the powerful on-country learning and opportunity to attend the National Native Title Country.   The internship completely aligned with my interests and passions.  The scholarship was also extremely appreciated as it meant I was able to support myself while undertaking an experience that I believe has had an immense and indelible effect on my career-planning and life direction more generally.

Paris Mordecai, FYA