What Indigenous interns say

This I can honestly say has been the most influential experiences I have had in regards to professional and personal development. As an Indigenous physiotherapy student, I have always sought to steer my practice towards promoting Indigenous healthcare and throughout my time with the FPHU, my motivation and aspirations have only risen.  This internship has nurtured my development as a student and has really re-charged my batteries that were going a bit flat after three years of studying, but now I am more pumped than ever, looking in to the future and seeing the many opportunities available to me.

Matthew Hoffman, First Peoples Health Unit

I have really enjoyed my time here at AIATSIS. This experience has been a positive one and I'm so glad I spent the winter at AIATSIS. 

Lucy Schroeder, AIATSIS

ALS was the perfect environment for a new intern. I felt that I could be productive but also spend time observing and learning new skills for my own development. It was made very clear that the experience was dependent on what we wanted to get out of it. I liked this approach, as I was able to take on jobs and help out, but there was no pressure from the staff. I also loved that the internship opened up a pathway for me to become involved in the Indigenous sector, which I have long been aspiring to do. I feel incredibly lucky to have had this experience and I can't explain how appreciative I am of the efforts made by the team to make everything manageable for me. I feel like I have had the opportunity to develop my own skills and make connections that I may not have been able to do without the assistance through Aurora.

Holli Backhouse, ALS

Overall, I enjoyed my 6-week Aurora internship at Arts Law and believe that this experience has allowed me to further develop and gain skills, which will assist with my professional development

Sharna White, ALCA

I was in awe of the work that NAAJA does to help the Northern Territories Indigenous population across all these sections, and was glad that I had the opportunity to experience this. Being a woman with Aboriginal heritage myself, it felt good to be able to do work that directly affected my community.  This internship made me feel like I was putting all I have learnt through my life experiences, and through university in Melbourne, to practice. I felt like a valid member of the team.

Kassie McAlear, NAAJA

I am in awe of the commitment of Key Assets to the wellbeing and care of the children they provide services to. It was a great insight into what I can expect in the future when I am qualified. I am very grateful to have had the experience and would highly recommend Aurora internships to those wanting to gain some experience in their chosen field.

Aaron Taylor, Key Assets

Through learning and engaging with the work conducted at Lowitja I gained new skills and important information regarding the Indigenous health sector and my internship has widened and expanded my view on policy and research.  My time at Lowitja had expanded my knowledge and understanding of Indigenous health research and the work put into producing Indigenous health research reports for policy action. I believe that this would be an enriching learning experience for any Mob interested in a career in policy or in the Indigenous health research sector.

Makalie Owens, Lowitja

As a proud Nywaigi woman from QLD, I have seen little to no cross over between my academic study and my culture. It wasn’t until my time at AbSec that I learnt how to incorporate the voices of Aboriginal people in decisions affecting Aboriginal people.  This 4-week internship was short and sweet but was the most rewarding part of my university studies and experiences so far.

Madison Cassady, AbSec

The most rewarding aspects of my placement was researching and being inspired by Indigenous STEM experts, and refining my science communication skills.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Questacon and I look forward to taking the skills I acquired there with me into the future.

Audrey McInnerney, Questacon

One of the best aspects of the Program was the assisted expenses I received as an Aboriginal person. It enabled me to stay in Canberra, otherwise I would not have been able to afford it. All the team at Aurora is friendly and easy to contact. I have also been offered on going paid part-time work.

Stevie Wappett, AIATSIS