What Indigenous interns say

There were many rewarding moments, however being able to go on country and attend the claimant meetings were what I found most valuable and unforgettable.

Jessica Moody, KLC

I could see how TAI was empowering, engaging and supporting Indigenous youth and helping them realise and achieve their potential academically and culturally.

Shiralee Lawson, TAI - Camps

This experience has really highlighted the inequities and systemic problems that underline the current system and continue to further the disproportionate over-representation of Indigenous children in the child protection area. Following my internship, I actually have a greater sense of pride in my cultural identity and feel more empowered to advocate in this area.


Sophie Heath, SNAICC

The five week internship for me has been the most enriching and rewarding experience while undertaking university studies.

Jaye Lee Snowden, Key Assets

My time at the ALS gave me great insight into the challenges solicitors and vulnerable clients and face in the legal system. The ALS provided me with a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of criminal law and the legal system in general.

Tim Forrest, ALS

The most rewarding aspects included: working full time in a relatively low pressure environment is a good introduction to full time work; the opportunities that it gives you, like further work with the Host organization; and the wide variety of work opportunities no other organisation could give you.

Robin Evans, Barristers - Tina Jowett, Vance Hughston, John Waters

I feel that the most 'rewarding' aspects of my placement was the opportunity to gain knowledge in different areas of health related topics, broaden my knowledge of the health issues that Aboriginal people face and to further my skills in research areas. I feel as though the knowledge I have gained will support me in some ways with my future career as a nurse.

Kae Cox, AHCWA

I have really enjoyed my time and all the people I have met and I hope to one day work with them in the future.

Kae Cox, Telethon

It has been an enjoyable and valuable learning experience. I have met some wonderful people and have been exposed to amazing and important research about deficit discourses. Overall a pleasant and rewarding internship.

Courtney-Rose Barker-Finegan, NCIS

The team environment and the workload was very comfortable and interesting. I anticipated a rather mundane data-heavy workload but this was contrasted by and influx of diverse, stimulating tasks and sophisticated lines of research inquiries. I felt greatly supported by my team and was made to feel safe in expressing my opinions and personally desired outcomes of my experience.  It was rewarding to feel valued by my team and contributing to the journey towards Indigenous advancement and the protection of cultural heritage.

Dakota Feirer, AIATSIS