What Indigenous interns say

I feel so grateful to be given the opportunity to have such an extraordinary experience, as I only have an administrative background of real world experience of financials and Indigenous business development and growth, and to have the opportunity to develop with my degree and utilise my skills learned from uni is a great advantage on my career development.  My experience here with the IBA team has been an “epic” adventure and has broadened my mind on indigenous engagement, development and commerce opportunities for the indigenous community as well as the small business and home ownership opportunities to the Indigenous community.

Cassandra Page, IBA

The Aurora Placement gave me the opportunity to explore, learn and work within the WEHI. Being able to use the machines, carry out techniques and being in an environment that allowed me to ask many questions felt like this understanding was facilitated and meant my learning experience felt productive.  This opportunity has created such intrigue for me. I am eager to see what avenues within health and medical research might align with my passions and hopefully explore what post-graduate study and work possibilities are possible within this field.

Kasarina Mann, WEHI

The month I spent at NAAJA was by far the most meaningful and interesting thing I have done during my law degree.  As I approach my final year of study, I have been inspired by the extremely passionate lawyers at NAAJA to seriously consider a career in criminal law, something of which if I am honest, had not given much thought of before I headed to Darwin.   Also, the financial support Aurora has provided me both with accommodation and during the internship has meant I was able to travel interstate to undertake an internship.

Matthew Williams, NAAJA

As an Indigenous person, gaining experience in an Indigenous focused area is particularly important to me, and was something I had always wanted but did not know how to get until I was made aware of the Aurora Internship Program.  Ultimately, my experience as an Aurora intern enabled me to gain that first step into the Indigenous sector and has further motivated me to continue on this path in future.

Ashley Maroney, Ben Wyatt

Ninti brought me right in on their projects and gave me some core work, which was amazing!  This experience has taught me more about how Government contracts and research from universities get rolled out in communities through NGOs.

Vanessa Farrelly, Ninti One

The Aurora Internship Program has been a fantastic introduction to full time research and I am honoured to be an Aurora alumni member.

Barbara Bynder, NULUNGU

The most rewarding aspect of my placement with FYA was working with young, blak mob.  Being able to travel to Broome was also an unbelievable experience and a seminal moment in my life, due to the powerful on-country learning and opportunity to attend the National Native Title Country.   The internship completely aligned with my interests and passions.  The scholarship was also extremely appreciated as it meant I was able to support myself while undertaking an experience that I believe has had an immense and indelible effect on my career-planning and life direction more generally.

Paris Mordecai, FYA

It has been one of the most rewarding and uplifting experiences I have encountered, the culture and inspiration I have gained from being here has been immense.

Taylor McLean, St John Ambulance

Working with Just Reinvest NSW gave me a really unique insight into how community-led strengths-based approaches can operate in the real world.  I highly recommend interning with JR NSW. The support and guidance from the Moree and Sydney JR NSW teams really helped make this an invaluable experience, which has built up my confidence to work in the Indigenous sector and has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of what it is to truly work for and be led by community.

My internship experience with JR NSW has only further affirmed what I already believed – as Aboriginal people, we are the experts on the strengths, challenges, and needs of our own communities, and we must be given the opportunities and support on a local and state level in order to lead the way towards a strong, safe, and promising future.  I especially urge any Indigenous students to apply to Aurora, as this internship experience has only strengthened my sense of identity and made me feel like working in the Indigenous sector is where I am supposed to be.

Holly Fabila, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

This has been a tremendous time for me. Thank you Aurora.

Kerry Franklin, AHCWA