Thea Walton

Native Title
Summer 2020

I took part in the Aurora program because I felt it was important for my career as a legal practitioner, to devote time to understanding the Indigenous perspective of the law. I chose to work at Central Desert Native Title Services (Central Desert), because I wanted to learn more about Native Title and how it works and/or doesn’t work to support Indigenous Australians and because Central Desert is known as an exemplary native title representative body. 


My time at Central Desert was enlightening and stimulating. While I was there, I conducted research for upcoming cases, wrote minutes for Native Title Director meetings and meetings with mining companies and supported the development of briefs to senior counsel. While I wasn’t able to head out on country, even from their East Perth offices I gained invaluable insights into native title practice, working with some of the country’s strongest native title legal minds.


Central Desert was an incredibly welcoming, positive workplace - everyone was friendly, chatty and always happy to talk to me and share their perspectives on native title. They have hosted many Aurora interns over the years, and many of their staff have been through the Aurora program, so the organisation was well equipped to support me.


I can’t recommend the Aurora program highly enough - the staff are always very helpful and supportive, and the organisations they partner provide their interns with invaluable experiences in the Indigenous sector. 


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