Maddy Carlucci

Social Science
Summer 2020

I am a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Youth Work with an interest in working within Education/Recreation field alongside Australia’s First Peoples. I decided to undertake an Aurora internship as opportunity to gain further insights in the field about how they truly operate as opposed to solely relying on the insight I have gained from the academic world. 


I was luckily enough to be positioned at Reconciliation Victoria and had a fantastic time and had an eye-opening experience into the world of organisations that specialise in advocacy work. Reconciliation Victoria was founded in 2002 due to the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation call to institute a national body for reconciliation (Reconciliation Australia) and also create state reconciliation councils to continue to work towards reconciliation. Reconciliation Victoria is a nation wide reconciliation body that predominantly works with the 97% of Victorians who do identity as an Aboriginal person. Although their work is wholly guided by Aboriginal voices from the local community.


Reconciliation Victoria has numerous ongoing projects that I enjoyed learning about throughout my time there. Throughout the entire month of February that I undertook my internship at Rec Vic I was very fortunate in being able to work on the beginning of there education framework. This is a project in which they were branching out into the Victorian Education sector. As this is a field I have very keen interest in I was very happy to spend the entirety of my time there working on this project. I was responsible for firstly researching anything and everything that either had a connection to education in Victoria or already established resources on First Peoples history, culture and contributions that had were presented in an educational format and secondly compiling this information to be able to inform boards members, members of educational bodies and members of the public. 


During my time at Rec Vic I was also asked to attend meetings, facilitate discussion and chair team meetings with the Rec Vic organisation. 


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Rec Vic; I worked with a great team of people who were lovely, very welcoming and were also eager to help me with everything and answer all my questions. The internship delivered on my expectations in being able to better understand the role an advocacy organisation plays, especially within the education field. Most importantly it has allowed me to gain new skills and new connections in the field and has inspired me to continue to work on my journey towards reconciliation in the Victorian landscape.