Lawson Rennie

Social Science
Native Title
Summer 2017

I was placed at the Goldfields Land and Sea Council (GLSC) for five weeks as part of the Aurora Internship Program summer 2016/17 round. During my time at the GLSC, I was privileged to be able to interact with the Aboriginal people who work in the Kalgoorlie office, and with the Anthropology staff and visiting consultants. Kalgoorlie is located in the Goldfields district of Western Australia, approximately 650klm East of Perth. 

There are numerous accommodation options in Kalgoorlie, I initially chose to stay at a local backpackers but the resident noise and general repair of the facility meant that I did not remain at the backpackers for my entire stay. The city of Kalgoorlie has a long mining history and the Mining Museum is well worth a visit. Kalgoorlie is an interesting place with many of the original buildings open for inspection from time to time. 

My work at the GLSC was to involve several office based projects and an on country survey with a visiting consultant. Regrettably the on country project did not proceed as inclement weather in the Goldfields Region meant that access to the survey areas was blocked. The first of the in office projects was research on the interaction of the Aboriginal people who lived south of Kalgoorlie, with early white explorers and prospectors in the area. My other project in the GLSC office was to sort and catalogue the large map reference library into specific categories. Once I had completed the map library, I then undertook the cataloguing of the large Anthropology library in the GLSC office. The map and Anthropology library are both extensive and was my full time focus for a large portion of my time at the GLSC. 

My time as an Aurora intern at the GLSC was thoroughly enjoyable, rewarding, educational and personally expanding. Working at the GLSC demonstrated to me just how committed the staff are within native title organisations for the advancement of the health, welfare and recognition of Aboriginal people of Australia.