Kayleigh Meumann

Native Title
Summer 2014

One of the most inviting reasons to study an Arts degree is the extensive range of possible career options. For this to be a fruitful journey, however, a healthy dose of self-motivation and real world experience is needed. The Aurora Native Title Internship program places current or ex Anthropology, Law and other Social Science students at various organisations focused on native title and the more general area of Indigenous affairs. It is ideal for anyone seeking workplace experience, from those completing their undergraduate degree to those who hold a PhD. I, reflecting the former category was fortunate enough to be placed as a n Aurora intern at Central Desert Native Title Services (Central Desert) in Perth. I spent five weeks in the Perth office helping out staff from various departments with filing and flow charts, attending meetings, analysing meeting minutes and doing countless hours of transcribing. While I was slightly concerned when transcription started featuring in my dreams, all the tasks I did were extremely valuable in helping me familiarise myself with the native title process, from observing the intricacies of meeting interactions, to learning interview techniques and names and places associated with claim areas. No doubt the most challenging and exciting part of my internship was my week long trip to Wiluna with the Land and Community sector of Central Desert. I was lucky enough to observe and take part in a range of activities on country which solidified my knowledge learnt in the office, possibly the most intriguing being that Goanna can run incredibly fast and taste like chicken.