Katherine Bellchambers

Native Title
Winter 2012

For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion to learn about and engage with Indigenous cultures. Through my Aurora internship I have been able to build on this passion, gain valuable work experience and meet many inspiring people.
I am an Arts/Science student graduating at the end of this semester with majors in Indigenous Studies, Anthropology, Geography and Psychology. During the winter break, I undertook a 6 week anthropology internship at the Kimberley Land Council (KLC) in Broome. My supervisor was a senior anthropologist and with her guidance I completed a variety of tasks from filing and map cataloguing to assisting with a literature review, taking minutes at meetings and attending on country trips.

Through my time at the KLC I was able to get an inside perspective on how a Native Title Representative Body operates, observe some of the challenges and complexities of the native title process and gain so much from my co-workers who were incredibly generous with their time and knowledge. I was privileged to attend on country meetings where I experienced life in an Aboriginal community and witnessed some of the practical considerations, personal impacts and cross-cultural challenges involved in this work.

Through my internship I feel I have developed a deeper and more nuanced understanding of native title as well as Indigenous people and cultures more broadly. Additionally, my experiences were enriched by living in such a beautiful remote area and making new social connections. I would highly recommend the Aurora internship program to anyone who has ever contemplated a career in Indigenous affairs. Not only is it a valuable avenue for personal development and to explore your career options, but it is a fantastic opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to an Indigenous organisation