Jessica Naylor

Social Science
Native Title
Winter 2018


My 6 weeks as an Aurora intern at Barengi Gadjin Land Council (BGLC) have definitely been unlike anything I have ever done before.  Even from the very first day, driving down a gravel road through a forest of gum trees, I knew this place was definitely going be different- In a good way though!


In my role here, I have been working to develop the community strategies of the organisation. This involved polling the Facebook community to see which method of communication they liked most, creating private groups just for members and compiling a book of great social media inspiration. At times it was definitely challenging, especially battling the bureaucracy of Facebook! But all these tiny challenges were in themselves very beneficial because they taught me about how I can use my skills in social media and communication to make even just a small difference in an organisation.


Apart from all the time I spent on the computer and in the office talking to the great people who work here, I really loved the fact that I could take a walk outside the office and see some kangaroos having a rest in the sun, or that one lunch break we decided to drive out and stand by the most incredible pink lake. I never want to take the opportunity to see these kinds of things for granted, and I have been reminded just how sacred this land is to its traditional owners. All I want to do Is keep learning from those who know the most about this country and its true history, and I really hope I can continue to do that in my future.


I am so grateful for this experience, especially the people at BGLC and the Wail Nursery such as Michael Stewart, Michelle Ross, Darren Griffin and Colin Gorton who took the time to teach me what all the acronyms stood for, what a circle tree looked like and so many other important things!


I so urge anyone who wants to learn more about indigenous heritage and culture to challenge themselves and apply for an internship with Aurora.  Applications for the summer 2018/19 round are currently open through 31 August via the website.