Irina Samsonova

Native Title
Winter 2017

Are you an anthropology student who is fascinated by Aboriginal culture, past and present? Do you want to get “baptised” by the real-life working experience outside the lecture hall? Then you will choose SANTS as an internship opportunity via the Aurora Internship Program.

South Australian Native Title Services (SANTS) is a non-for-profit organisation which fights for the land rights of Aboriginal nations, and they need YOU to join the fight!

Team Anthropology

Once you arrive, you will be warmly welcomed by the SANTS anthropological division, people who share your passion about Aboriginal culture, history, and rights. These clever and incredible people will be your companions in the pursuit of social justice and mentors in your learning.

Office life

The office will surprise you by the calm and almost casual atmosphere. The office workers enjoy their administration’s trust so they can work in their own pace and more effectively achieve their goals in the non-pressuring environment. The organisation really cares for its people and provides them with spacious and ergonomic facilities, thoughtful kitchen, and free fruits. The convenience of the office’s location is worth mentioning: situated on King William Street, SANTS is ideal for those who live in Adelaide (or decided to come here from another state).

Activities and tasks

During your internship, you will learn plenty of useful skills and gain experience that you will never acquire in the classroom. You will understand how native title works, what in involves, how is it achieved, and what it means for Aboriginal peoples. Hopefully you will participate in a fieldtrip and meet the applicant group in person. You will come back from the field with an insight into the native title process and you will realise how incredibly important it is for people.

What I have learned

Each Aurora internship is individual and your task depends on the case and the supervisor. In my days, I was tracing back each applicant’s family history and seeking for the references to Aboriginal nations in the early settlers’ accounts. I participated in the trip to Mt Gambier where I met people whose family history I studied through and through. My trip was not only educational, but highly enjoyable: I breathed fresh country air and walked along McDonnell Bay seaside. I also was working in the South Australian Museum’s Archives looking for clues among two-centuries-old hand written documents of first explorers and academics. In the end, I left SANTS with new connections, skills, and the experience which will boost my employment chances.

For these and many more reasons, SANTS is a solid start for your future career as a native title anthropologist. SANTS is your smart choice.