Caroline Beasley

Winter 2016

After graduating from Arts/Law at ANU in mid-2016, I decided to take some time off to try some different things and learn some new skills. I was fortunate enough to complete two Aurora Internships during this time via the Aurora Internship Program. My second placement was for three weeks at the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute (AIGI) in Sydney. The AIGI is a small NGO that aims to recognise, encourage and enable effective Indigenous led governance. I had undertaken previous internships in the Indigenous community legal sector, and was really excited about working at an NGO that operated in a different space from this.

One way that the AIGI achieves its mission, is through the Indigenous Governance Awards which are held biennially. Indigenous led incorporated and non-incorporated organisations can apply for these awards which are judged on a number of criteria and on site visits. Over the three weeks I was heavily involved in editing video footage of interviews with finalists from the 2014 Indigenous Governance Awards to create video case studies which will be incorporated into the Indigenous Governance Toolkit, AIGI’s online resource. I also helped to edit a report which analysed responses to key governance criteria of the 2012 and 2014 applicants for the Indigenous Governance Awards. I really enjoyed these tasks because I could more fully understand what makes Indigenous led organisations successful, and learn that there are plenty of groups succeeding in this space.

Because the AIGI is still quite small I became familiar with a wide range of work that it does, perhaps more so than I would have in a bigger organisaiton. I was able to develop a good relationship with my supervisor, and also meet some of the Board of Directors. The internship was a fantastic opportunity to experience an alternative pathway in the Indigenous sector.