Weenthunga Health Network

I liked that I got to see what happens behind the scenes at Weenthunga - who does what and how the job gets done. I loved that the team was so welcoming, there's nothing better than going into an environment where you're continuously uplifted and empowered by strong females (both Indigenous and non-Indigenous), the cohesiveness of the team made my internship worthwhile and I think for that, it boosted my confidence and ability to step out of my comfort zone. My supervisor taught me more than what I learnt in my internship - how to be confident, to take pride in my aspirations and to be the best version of myself. 


Because of the pandemic and interstate restrictions, I was required to work-from-home and do my internship virtually, but nonetheless it was one of the best experiences I’ve had. As an Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing student, I found that my placement with Weenthunga aligned with my postgraduate aspirations in research studies on Aboriginal health.

Stephanie Markey, Weenthunga