Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation

This internship experience has given me an understanding on where my degree can take me along with the confidence that I can work in a professional environment and contribute positively with my research skills and knowledge.

Stefany Brajanovski, VACCHO

Incredibly welcoming environment, great culture. Was offered important and interesting tasks. Interns will be integrated into the team and will likely be working on important and interesting projects. Was offered ongoing casual employment at the end of the internship

Andrew Fogarty, VACCHO

I have really enjoyed and learnt a lot whilst on placement at VACCHO, throughout my placement I was exposed to various learning experiences and opportunities, which provided me with greater knowledge, motivation and inspiration when it comes to health policy and Indigenous affairs.

Sheneise Hall, VACCHO

Interning at VACCHO has presented me with so many great learning opportunities and greater insight into Indigenous affairs and policy. This internship has given me enough insight, experience, motivation and inspiration to want to pursue a career into policy for Indigenous equality, so again thank you Aurora for your constant support throughout.

Sheneise Hall, VACCHO

Conducting an internship at the Alliance (and VACCHO) opened by eyes up in the Indigenous health and policy sector. I was exposed to the multitude of amazing things that VACCHO do throughout Victoria for Aboriginal people, and had the privilege to meet so many talented and passionate people here. My work for the Alliance taught me about the importance of advocacy in policy and program development, especially in the Aboriginal out-of-home-care sphere.  The funding enables Indigenous individuals who may come from low-socioeconomic / under-resourced backgrounds to gain experiences with these organisations, which they may not have the chance to without the support of Aurora.

Makayla Jennings, VACCHO

The things I also take away is the importance of connection to culture and the right to self-determination which must be addressed in policy initiatives to empower Indigenous health and wellbeing.

Stefany Brajanovski, VACCHO

Thank you VACCHO and Aurora for giving me this opportunity which has laid the foundations for my future aspirations in anthropological research and policy work in the Indigenous health sector.

Stefany Brajanovski, VACCHO

It is their passion and commitment which drives this great organisation to do the great work it does in driving social change.

Stefany Brajanovski, VACCHO

I gained valuable insight into the Aboriginal health policy sector, and developed my own personal capacities and resilience.

Van Nguyen, VACCHO

The Aurora Internship Program gave me the chance to gain practical and real-world experiences in a sector which I have previously studied both at undergraduate and masters levels.  This experience has sparked a real drive for me to pursue a career in Aboriginal health policy.

Kate Doery , VACCHO

This placement deeply enriched my knowledge of Aboriginal interests within public policy, and consolidated my research, report writing and time management skills. The dedication, professionalism and community spirit of VACCHO has inspired me to develop my research interests within Aboriginal health and wellbeing.

Andrea Wolf, VACCHO

I cannot recommend a better and supportive workplace for students entering the professional world after doing the hard yards studying in university. I have a lot more confidence in my abilities now and understand how my degree can be used in a practical sense in the real world.

Stefany Brajanovski, VACCHO