Susan Phillips

Susan Phillips

I have learnt so much about native title law, administrative law and civil procedure. In particular, I have gained a deep appreciation for the complexity of native title claims and litigation, and the importance of anthropological evidence in native title proceedings. Moreover, my legal research and evidentiary analysis skills have significantly improved.

Georgia Pick , Susan Phillips

When I first applied for the Aurora Internship Program, I had no idea what a memorable and formative experience it would turn out to be. To work with Susan is truly inspiring, and I hope that one day that I can make as valuable a contribution to the field that she has.

Emma Kench, Susan Phillips

I never considered the role of a barrister in native title matters so was surprised by how much I enjoyed the legal work as well as the insight gained into advocacy

Annabelle Burgess, Susan Phillips

Susan was an absolutely wonderful and inspiring mentor. To be able to learn from an experienced Barrister, who has so much knowledge and experience to share, was an extremely rewarding experience.

Emma Kench, Susan Phillips

It was an amazing experience as it allowed me to grow both professionally and personally.  The work allowed me to solidify my knowledge of what I had learnt at University regarding Native Title and Indigenous Heritage Protection and I advanced my legal research skills.

Hannah Goodman, Susan Phillips

I not only gained crucial legal research and analysis skills, but also caught a glimpse of what working at the bar is like.  I gained a deeper appreciation for the complexity of native title claims and litigation, and how the law interacts with Indigenous people and their land more broadly.

Georgia Pick , Susan Phillips

I have really enjoyed Susan’s company, and have learned so much from her during my internship. I am extremely grateful for the time we’ve had together, and for the opportunity.

Ruby Langton-Batty, Susan Phillips

I received great insight into the daily workings of a barrister and was also able to expand upon my understanding of Indigenous legal issues.  I also found the knowledge that I gained regarding the cultural practices of the Aboriginal community surrounding the proposed site extremely rewarding as I feel that I have expanded by insight and understanding of the challenges faced when attempting to navigate Indigenous rights within a western legal system.

Jacinta Cox, Susan Phillips

The Internship Program provided an avenue for me to strengthen my professional work habits and overall understanding of the law in an environment that related directly to my interests and experience.

Chanel Martin, Susan Phillips

The challenge and mentally stimulating environment provided in the chambers of a native title barrister will broaden your ability to think laterally and give you practical experience – a fundamental stepping stone in the journey towards qualification. 

Chanel Martin, Susan Phillips

Having been inspired by my internship with Susan, I now have stronger sense of career direction and a desire for working with native title issues. This experience has been key to shaping my future in law and the decisions that I am about to make in relation to my own pathway.

Carla Scafi , Susan Phillips