Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care

My experience at SNAICC was well worthwhile as I not only learnt more about research, policy and working as part of an organisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people but made many new friends along the way. I feel like I truly contributed to the fundamental and vital work being done by SNAICC for our children so that they can grow up feeling important, safe and strong in culture.

Aliya Chalmers, SNAICC

During my Aurora placement at SNAICC, I received great opportunities to advance my career and my learning experience. This experience has highlighted the inequalities and the various social health determinants and how they shape the well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children. Furthermore, I gained an insight into the importance of grassroots organizations such as SNAICC.

Onally Rajapaksa, SNAICC

My time and experience here at SNAICC has really opened my eyes to what goes on behind the scenes for our kids, and how important non-for-profit organisations are for the improved future of Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander children going through child protection and family services.  

Aliya Chalmers, SNAICC

This experience has really highlighted the inequities and systemic problems that underline the current system and continue to further the disproportionate over-representation of Indigenous children in the child protection area. Following my internship, I actually have a greater sense of pride in my cultural identity and feel more empowered to advocate in this area.


Sophie Heath, SNAICC

I went in with very little prior knowledge or experience within the Indigenous sector and have left with a very different awareness, understanding and appreciation of just some of the issues involved. It was rewarding being able to be a part of a team that works hard at representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, and is fighting to be heard nationally and provide guidance at a local level.

Stefan Anjou, SNAICC

My placement has made me feel like I have really contributed to the work they are and will continue to be doing when I leave, while valuing my opinion for future resources to benefit Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander children in child protection.   I have learnt so much not only about policy research but about what it means to have a full time 9-5 working job which has been a great learning experience.

Aliya Chalmers, SNAICC

It has been a great experience working with SNAICC. I feel like I have been able to make real contributions to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and children in a minimal way.

Onally Rajapaksa, SNAICC

My experience at SNAICC has been eye opener for me, being a community sector worker and now seeing through difference lens of Indigenous Affairs around 'children rights' for families and communities.

Sherilee Kartinyeri, SNAICC