Selby Street

Selby Street (Andrew Collett)

This internship took my student knowledge and placed it within the very real context of a client meeting, a courtroom or a solicitor’s office. Being able to watch experienced legal practitioners in these settings gave life to the theory I had learnt as university. It is a rare privilege to spend time with legal practitioners who have had over 30 years in the profession and are well-respected in the legal fraternity.

Peter Makestas, Selby Street

This has been one of the most invaluable experiences of my professional life so far and I feel extremely fortunate to have been provided with the opportunity to undertake an internship with Aurora. Prior to this experience, I had received rejections from many clerkships and was feeling quite dejected about finding work experience. This internship has given me a renewed sense of hope and resilience to pursue other work experience positions within native title and law generally.

Fiona Luu, Selby Street

The experience enabled me to develop valuable practical legal skills and broaden my understanding of litigation and the work of a barrister. My internship has further inspired my desire to pursue a career working in Indigenous affairs.

Amelia Rieger, Selby Street

The Aurora Internship has given me an invaluable opportunity to be able to get into contact with barristers whom I would normally have difficulties doing if I were to cold call a chambers. Throughout the four weeks at my internship, I was wholly involved in the everyday activities of the barristers and was not left completing mundane tasks for the whole day. I was entrusted with highly confidential information about high profile cases and able to assist in drafting client letters and preparing chronologies for these cases.

Fiona Luu, Selby Street

I had such a wonderful time at Selby Street Chambers and I learnt an incredible amount in the six weeks I was there. Andrew was an excellent mentor to have, along with Simon and Anne, and I feel very fortunate for the amount of time they spent with me to ensure I had a productive and valuable placement. Andrew has absolutely helped me narrow my career prospects to a field of Aboriginal advocacy and legal rights and I am very grateful for everything else I learnt along the way. 

Katja Daly, Selby Street

The Aurora internship has solidified my desire to work in Indigenous affairs as a legal practitioner. The experience allowed me to practise and further develop my legal skills, such as legal research and drafting documents, as well as exposed me to the workings of a barrister.  

Giovina Rocconi, Selby Street

The reality of my internship was very different to what I had expected, but it was a far more rewarding, beneficial and enlightening experience than I could have ever anticipated. Rather than being spoon fed information, I was given responsibility and a real opportunity to use the skills that I have obtained at university.

Sarah Pringle, Selby Street

Overall the Aurora experience was very rewarding in that it gave colour to the things taught in law school and I have certainly gained an understanding of what it takes to work as a barrister.

Henry Koehne , Selby Street

The time I spent at Selby Street Chambers has provided me with direction and ambition for my future legal career. My experience has demonstrated to me the importance of keeping sight of the human face in the tangled web of the legal sphere.

Eva Squire, Selby Street

Looking back on my time with Andrew, I learnt more practical legal skills than I have in any university law subject to date.

Sarah Pringle, Selby Street

My experience with Aurora was central to my application in terms of practical experience, and breadth of experience beyond the constraints of University curriculum and the formal educational setting.

Will Scobie, Selby Street

One of the most rewarding aspects of my internship was being challenged by current laws and conventions that impede the rights realisation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  This inspiration largely came from Andrew Collett. His history with Aboriginal rights was astounding. Andrew's lateral considerations of each case were really eye opening.

Sophie Murgatroyd, Selby Street

Overall, the internship experience thoroughly developed my legal research skills across a range of databases and platforms. It has provided me with invaluable experience and provided me with career prospects I couldn’t gain elsewhere. I now have a greater understanding of what is expected of me when I enter the workforce, which I hope will be in Aboriginal affairs.

Giulia Vinci, Selby Street

Personally, this internship has opened my eyes as to how much I can help people and contribute to social justice when I become a practitioner. I would love to undertake the work that Andrew does as it is extremely rewarding to know that you are making a difference and that the skills you have learnt are being put to help many people that are in great need for justice and legal representation.

Dulan Perera, Selby Street

This internship gave me enormous opportunity to expand my legal, cultural and research skills

William Scobie, Selby Street

Not only has my workload been diverse, the work within each matter has been varied and engaging. I have enjoyed a combination of research and analytical tasks and Andrew has shown great appreciation for my contribution.

Elliot Kind, Selby Street

I am very fortunate to have gotten to know my supervisor and many of his clients - it has been great to work with such an eminent barrister in this field who is so highly respected.

James Apps, Selby Street

The Aurora Native Title Internship has provided me with a huge amount of knowledge and life experience that will certainly enrich my practice of the law. My experience with Andrew has allowed me to further develop my own legal research and drafting skills and has encouraged me to pursue a career working with indigenous people.

Blythe McLachlan-Kambuts, Selby Street

I am extremely grateful to Aurora for connecting me with an incredible mentor like Andrew Collett. I am well aware of how lucky I am to have this experience and I think it is absolutely fantastic that such an opportunity exists for law students and graduates.

Georgie McRae, Selby Street

One of my supervisor's goals was to show me the reality of working in native title and I really think he has excelled in this objective. I found working on the law and opinions very interesting, I learnt a lot and also was able to apply some existing knowledge.

Emma Riggs, Selby Street

I'm sorry an internship this good has to be so short, but, on the other hand, it's been a great taste of native title, and enough to inspire me to come back to it in the future.

Gabrielle Piesiewicz, Selby Street

This internship has shown me that there is a wide variety of legal work within the Indigenous area.

Peter Makestas, Selby Street

At all times during this internship, I have felt challenged but supported, and incredibly welcome and valued. I have so much appreciation for this opportunity and the way Andrew has enabled me to see so much of legal practice, incredible things such as remote communities, and has also put a lot of trust in me.

Georgia McRae, Selby Street

As a recent law graduate, this was an invaluable opportunity to observe and experience the work of an experienced, successful and well respected barrister. 

Blythe McLachlan-Kambuts, Selby Street

I have always secretly wanted to be a barrister, focusing on Aboriginal rights, but would not let myself admit in case I was disappointed. These past 4 weeks have really driven home how much I want to achieve this goal. This experience has also made me realise how important Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights are. I feel even more passionate about imparting my privilege to First Nations’ People to help realise the right to self-determination.

Sophie Murgatroyd, Selby Street

My Aurora Internships have given me an insight into the challenging yet rewarding career of working in native title that I would not have otherwise experienced.  

Leah (Wade) Lillingston, Selby Street

The importance of this placement is long lasting and provides a dimension to your law degree that is invaluable.  

Geeta Sidhu, Selby Street

The most rewarding aspects were having the chance to sit down for six weeks and get across as much of the issues that feed into sacred site protection and realise of how all the bits fit in together.

James Apps, Selby Street

This has been an amazing experience. I have been engaged in really interesting work, developed new skills, completed a variety of tasks, and I have learnt so much about stolen children cases.

Amanda Frasca, Selby Street

This has been the most rewarding professional experience that I have had in the course of my law degree.​

Elizabeth Carroll-Shaw, Selby Street

The working environment at the chambers was awesome and was exposed to a wide variety of work from Stolen Generations, to negotiations with representative bodies and the government, Commonwealth welfare programs and some litigation. I was introduced to State Ministers,senior Commonwealth bureaucrats, many solicitors and current and former judges and really felt like I was part of the legal profession.

Peter Makestas, Selby Street

Over the last month, I never did something that I had done prior to this internship. The sheer number of people that I met and new experiences was extremely rewarding and I have really valued the opportunity to work closely with the barristers.

Peter Makestas, Selby Street

The program provides excellent support while also allowing you to shape your own experience.

Wiliam Scobie, Selby Street

Working with Andrew has showed me how broad a career can be in the law. Aboriginal legal work can be one part of a rich career and that is the mindset that I hope to take forward

William Scobie, Selby Street

It has been a wonderful experience at Selby Street Chambers which has now shaped the whole future of my career. I am incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity and to have worked with such friendly, supportive and genuine people. 

Anya Miller, Selby Street

My AURORA internship has been a wonderful experience and has given me confidence and a greater understanding of what being a successful legal practitioner entails. Andrew has been a fantastic mentor and teacher and I am very thankful for being given this opportunity.

Sarah Pringle, Selby Street

The most rewarding aspects were having the chance to sit down for six weeks and get across as much of the issues that feed into sacred site protection and realise of how all the bits fit in together.

James Apps, Selby Street

The internship program provides an opportunity for students to gain invaluable experience in the field they are passionate about. It allows people to connect with people in a field that interests them and opens the door for future possibilities and experiences. 

Amelia Rieger, Selby Street