South Australian Native Title Services

Undertaking an Aurora Internship with SANTS has definitely been one of the highlights of my tertiary studies. The research I conducted during the course of my internship was engaging, varied and insightful.  Importantly, interns at SANTS are provided with the opportunity to work with both anthropology and legal teams.  This practical insight into native title has enabled me to gain a deep appreciation of the fundamental and central importance of anthropology in native title.

Julia Grigonis-Gore , SANTS

Having completed the internship, I can safely say that it has been of enormous value. Reflecting internally during my final hours at SANTS, I realised my work has strengthened my employability sevenfold, particularly in the legal sector.​

Geoff Milani, SANTS

Being an intern here in SANTS really throws you into the real work and new research areas where everything you do makes difference.

Irina Samsonova, SANTS

I would like to extend my gratitude to Aurora for allowing this opportunity and for funding me to participate. As an Aboriginal women on the verge of graduating from the University these experiences are invaluable in instilling a sense of future endeavours but also acknowledging our past and our long ties to the land.

Teraze Oromond, SANTS

I have felt really privileged to be doing the work that I have done so far at SANTS, it has been fantastic learning so much about the sheer scale of how native title claims are made.

Lily Hirsh, SANTS

The Aurora internship experience significantly enhanced my legal research and drafting abilities, while also affirming how much I am yet to learn!

Timisha Ward, SANTS

This internship will provide an experience above and beyond what you could imagine, and I highly recommend applying for one if you are interested in working in the indigenous sector.  I will always value my time at SANTS. I am so thankful for the opportunity to assist an organisation in need of extra help and complete work which has real-life impact and relevance, and to gain a deeper understanding of the native title process and the wider indigenous sector.

Jessica Runnegar-Mullins, SANTS

The best aspect of my internship experience was being able to 'dip your toe' into the workings of the host organisation, and hopefully be able to form some lasting connections . 

Alexandra Crowe, SANTS

The practical and hands-on experience you are exposed to throughout the course of your internship is second to none.  The work was both intellectually stimulating and rewarding, I will be forever grateful for this experience.  I know that from my time at SANTS not only have I had the opportunity to develop some incredibly valuable legal skills, I have also had the opportunity to action my passion for social justice and to meaningfully contribute to an under resourced native title body.

Tayla Inglis, SANTS

I enjoyed how quickly I improved my legal skills and I also found the work itself especially rewarding because I could see my work having a tangible impact. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience I gained and the opportunity to learn more about the indigenous sector more generally.

Victoria Cook, SANTS

The placement gives a window into what it is like to work in native title, and helped create connections that will last into the future. ​

Jaye Litherland-De Lara, SANTS

I feel rewarded to have been given the opportunity to grow professionally and gain skills in a legal environment. More broadly, I am grateful to have been immersed in an area of law which I am passionate about and consider to be of great importance. I gained an improved understanding of the procedural sequences which underpin the native title process from an observational standpoint.

Paris Caldwell, SANTS

It has been great to cultivate friendships with like-minded people who are doing a great job.

Ben Christensen, SANTS

This unique opportunity furthered my practical legal experience and exposed me to the process of achieving equitable and lasting arrangements for the co-existence of Aboriginal and non-aboriginal rights and interests. ​

Chanel Martin, SANTS

The more I learn about the workings of native title and local Aboriginal issues, the more passionate I become.

Kaliah Alice, SANTS

During my internship I was made aware of the importance of knowing when to use and not to use the justice system and I learnt that the needs of the clients are always the most important element of any legal battle.

Abigail Hutchison, SANTS

I love the plurality of the area of native title and the importance of maintaining and recognising cultural heritage makes the work that much more meaningful.

David Harden, SANTS

The internship has convinced me I am on the right track with my studies.

Lawson Rennie, SANTS

I feel that my placement has confirmed my desire to work within in the area of native title and also that I am more than capable of working within this area of law.

Tayla Inglis, SANTS

My Aurora internship at SANTS was a great intellectual experience. I went into this internship with little knowledge of native title but have now developed a real understanding of and appreciation for the field. The Internship Program is a vital step to understanding how anthropology is practiced outside the classroom. I cannot recommend the Program enough to budding anthropologists, archaeologists or social science students

Ella Vallelonga, SANTS

My Aurora experience has been like no other. Having never had practical experience in a legal workplace before, my internship was such a valuable learning opportunity, and I could not recommend it more, especially to those in a similar position as me.

Tharangini Babu, SANTS

I definitely feel as though I have gained in-depth knowledge not just of undertaking Native Title Anthropological research, but also of the process of establishing a Native Title claim as underpinned by the key values of SANTS, which I am eager to continue learning about in the future.

Julia Grigonis-Gore , SANTS

As a result of my Aurora experience, I feel that I am better equipped and more confident in my ability to work independently, and in my ability to manage my time and priorities in a workplace environment.

Nina Ivanov, SANTS

Overall, I can honestly say I enjoyed my time at SANTS, and the first-hand work experience I gained there because of Aurora was invaluable because opportunities like that aren’t easily available for students still completing their undergraduate degrees in my field of study in South Australia.

Amelia Murden, SANTS

Interning with the SANTS team was truly an insightful and invaluable experience and I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Julia Grigonis-Gore, SANTS

My personal experience at SANTS (South Australian Native Title Services Ltd) was highly enlightening and formative. An internship is an excellent way to explore professional preferences

Juan Marquez, SANTS

My internship has been invaluable. I have been exposed to so many new ideas and have had the opportunity to work with exceptional people in the area of native title.

Abigail Hutchison, SANTS

I was able to observe how a legal practitioner conducts claim meetings and observe community meetings on country. I am so grateful to my supervisor and AURORA to have been exposed to these experiences, as these are going to shape how I practice in the future. 

Tharangini (Tara) Babu, SANTS

The most remarkable aspect of my placement was the opportunity to share with experienced professionals working in Anthropology. I enjoyed seeing the practical applications of anthropology and archaeology in Native Title processes.

Juan Marquez, SANTS

It was wonderful. Best work experience of my life. It was also rewarding to never get bored and always have something interesting that someone wanted me to help with.    

Oliver Greeves, SANTS

In the end, I left SANTS with new connections, skills, and the experience which will boost my employment chances.

Irina Samsonova, SANTS

I have been doing real work for a real cause, and I feel that I did make a difference.

Irina Samsonova , SANTS

The dedication of my supervisors and the administrative team at SANTS at the forefront has given the organisation a vitality, without which, accomplishments in Native Title determination would be difficult.  My supervisors’ generosity and severe lack of pretentiousness was an exemplar of what I strive to become as an anthropologist. I have found in him the most important contribution of anthropology, which is to remind ourselves what it means to be human. 

Seenying Lau, SANTS

There were some challenging tasks, and at times I felt out of my depth. Though, I think being thrown in the deep end is very important and very good for you, and I think it added to the overall benefits.

Molly Scalon, SANTS

An Aurora internship is, I believe, an essential addition to a law degree, whether or not you want to practice law. It offers an experience beyond the classroom and has enriched my education.

Abigail Hutchison, SANTS

Observing the dynamics between legal and anthropology staff was particularly interesting and gave me insight into how complex and multifaceted native title can be. I have learnt so much about all the preparation, planning and negotiation that goes into each claim and am now seriously considering pursuing native title in the future.

Elliette Kirkbride, SANTS

It has been a really valuable and enjoyable learning experience, which has influenced my future study and employment decisions.

Alyssa Hill, SANTS