Public Interest Advocacy Centre

My 5 weeks in PIAC has affirmed my conviction my interest in public interest law and advocacy. The work in PIAC gave me an opportunity to put to use the skills I learnt in law school, and particularly to ends which I felt deeply motivated to work towards. More than that, the people I met in PIAC are incredible mentors who supported me in my time there and helped me build confidence in my capabilities and my career goals.

Salmaaan Shah, PIAC

Overall, interning at PIAC was a unique and valuable experience. The work being done by the organisation is extremely important - addressing some of the most vital overriding issues facing people in our society. It was a great feeling to be able to contribute to this work. 

Jean Kearney, PIAC

I had the opportunity to experience first-hand how solicitors can use the law, policy, and advocacy to effect real change for disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the community.  Working alongside such a compassionate team of solicitors has been nothing short of inspiring.

Nell Gordon, PIAC