North Queensland Land Council

I am grateful that I've been able to learn so much about it while on placement, although I realise I've only seen the tip of the iceberg. I feel that I am so much more knowledgeable about a sector that I would like to work in one day and that I am much better equipped to work in a legal practice than I was six weeks ago. Most importantly, it was great knowing that my work was a concrete contribution to an organisation that is doing a lot to help its clients, particularly in the post-determination sphere.

Philip Matthews, NQLC

I could not recommend this experience enough, the people at NQLC were extremely welcoming and helpful, the work was highly rewarding and it was all undertaken in an extremely beautiful part of the world.

Tyler O'Brien, NQLC

I would most definitely consider a career in native title now that I have undertaken this internship. I believe native title provides many opportunities that are not available in other fields of law, and the work is most certainly rewarding.

Roxanne Hart, NQLC

My time here has been most informative and I will depart with a greatly enhanced perspective on the lives and choices facing Indigenous Australians.

Graeme Cotter, NQLC

Whilst this experience was extremely fulfilling it is not one that I could have funded on my own. I am extremely grateful that I was able to secure a Commonwealth scholarship that paid for my flights and accommodation.

Tyler O’Brien, NQLC

I found the internship rewarding, refreshing, confronting, and challenging and I am optimistic that my future career in law will include native title.

Isabel Leeds, NQLC

My time as an Aurora intern has provided valuable experience and insight into native title, while also allowing me to contribute to a busy organisation.

Drew Rickard, NQLC

Overall, the combination of being in sunny Cairns, in an incredibly supportive office, with the opportunities to step outside the office and meet with Aboriginal people, and Traditional Owners, on their land, was an experience that far exceeded any expectations I could have had and most definitely contributed to my career trajectory and desire to work in the native title sector.

Bethany Butchers, NQLC

Overall I have learnt so much about native title, which is amazing because I did already think that I had a thorough understanding. I have also had real insight into the difficulties of this space, particularly being an Indigenous person in this space. Also working in native title, I realise how valuable the work is and how unique my perspective is.  All in all, a fabulous experience.

Alexandra Hohoi, NQLC

It was an incredible time. It made me appreciate why I picked Anthropology, and began working in the field. It made me realise that I do have a passion for it. I was able to have meaningful conversations with the supervisor and other coworkers regarding Native Title, and understand the legal mechanisms behind it much better. It also was an overwhelmingly pleasant work environment, which made me work harder.

Jasmin Peer, NQLC

Prior to commencing the internship, I could not have imagined having the experiences that I did, and I have without doubt come away from the internship feeling more confident and prepared for my future career.  Overall I found the internship to be an extremely rewarding yet challenging experience and it far exceeded my initial expectations.

Robert Marr, NQLC

My time at NQLC has been essential in assisting me to understand more about what exactly native title involves for a representative body, which I had only previously read about. The impact of my internship will be ongoing as I plan to continue pursuing an interest in this field during my masters. I will now be able to contextualise any further research I undertake from being inside an NTRB, and being able to conceptualise the role it plays in the native title services sector. 

Sophie Holt, NQLC

The five weeks I spent at NQLC were rewarding, challenging and insightful. I was able to develop my professional skills with a focus on tasks related to different native title claims. I observed the work of the anthropology unit and the important link this has with the legal work of a native title legal practice. I came away from the experience with a greater understanding of both native title law and its challenges, and knowledge of Indigenous law and culture.

Laura Stephenson, NQLC

I realised the diverse range of skills and knowledge that the field requires native title lawyers to develop. From debt collecting, forensic accounting and legal research to negotiating with groups such as miners, renewable energy developers, local councils, government agencies and religious organisations, the native title sector has it all.

Philip Matthews, NQLC

One rewarding aspect was learning more about the native title claims process in practice and seeing how much work is involved in having a claim succeed. I feel I have a much broader understanding of the claims process and an appreciation for the challenges that arise during it. Similarly, being able to attend on-country meetings in remote locations was a very rewarding experience.

Robert Marr, NQLC

My time as an intern with the NQLC and in particular, with the anthropological team has been time well spent and the experience of working within such a positive and inspiring environment has been encouraging, and I consider the Native Title sector one that I would definitely like to be involved with in the future.

Judith Lawson, NQLC

For me, the most rewarding aspect of the placement was that I felt like I was able to contribute to the workplace almost immediately, and that other legal officers and NQLC staff responded to my being there by offering further tasks, tips and/or assistance. The NQLC team made me feel very welcome, which effectively motivated me to engage in the tasks I was set and to seek out other work where possible.

Robert Marr, NQLC

It was fantastic to see legal recognition finally given to the Traditional Owners, and that all their hard work had paid off. It is amazing how much work is required to get to a consent determination, and I was very lucky to be there to see the end result.

Roxanne Hart, NQLC

I have learned, during this project, how to think more like an Anthropologist, in order to organize the data in a way which will be useful and relevant to the Anthropology staff at NQLC, these skills, along with the knowledge I am gaining will, I am sure underpin my Honors thesis, PhD, and my future career as an Anthropologist.

Kristen Parkes , NQLC

I have enjoyed my experience at the NQLC and throughout my time in the Townsville office I have gained further insight into Anthropology as a career, which has in turn given me a greater passion for the field by providing inspiration for achieving my future career goals.

Kristen Parkes, NQLC

I am still really enjoying working at the NQLC. I am learning so much, it is fantastic! Unfortunately it goes way too fast, but it is an experience that I will not forget.

Roxanne Hart, NQLC

I have had a wonderful internship at NQLC and will most definitely be recommending others to undertake an Aurora internship. Everyone has been really supportive and have included me in what they are doing, and I am now quite positive that I would enjoy a career in native title and would not hesitate to apply for a job in this area when I graduate.

Roxanne Hart, NQLC