National Native Title Council

I had one of the most engaging and rewarding experiences since I arrived in Australia 4 years ago.  With a background in Anthropology from Colombia I was keen to look for a close experience into native title in Australia. I got to see firsthand how historical and anthropological research has contributed to legal policy development in native title and PBCs.

Jaime Cuellar, NNTC

My internship at the NNTC has highlighted my passion to steer my future career into the native title area.

Ashleigh Rodgers, NNTC

The practical insight into the policy/advocacy work of the NNTC was invaluable. The real world insights I gained were invaluable and working with a real purpose is a special motivator.

Hugh Christie, NNTC

I was extremely humbled to work with such an extraordinary, inspiring and insightful individual such as the CEO of NNTT. I learnt a huge amount from him, particularly in terms of his patience, commitment and vision for his people.

Nicola Flook, NNTC

I can't believe this is my last week at NNTC, time has certainly flown past! This has been a great experience and I'm hoping to work more on native title or Indigenous affairs in general in the future.

Namrata Mundkur, NNTC

My time at the NNTC taught me a great deal about the political and legal frameworks centred around native title, and thereby granting insights into the intangible forms of heritage within the Australian context. have a much more solid grasp of this field and has been so helpful in informing my understanding of contemporary planning and policy practice. 

Lily-Rose Palmer, NNTC

The work itself was very insightful and useful both personally and professionally. I find learning about Indigenous affairs extremely important for any any Australian to educate themselves on, and I feel as though I'm leaving this internship more self-aware and determined to pursue a career in human rights.

Samantha Varghese, NNTC

The internship with NNTC was an unbelievable experience that has given me the chance to increase my knowledge and passion to pursue a career in native title as well as connected me to many people working within the native title area.

Ashleigh Rodgers, NNTC

I have had a great experience with the NNTC and I would love the opportunity to continue working in this field in the future. 

Stephanie Gole, NNTC

I was given so many great opportunities that really pushed my boundaries and provided me with practical experience and new skills.

Stephanie Gole, NNTC

I have enjoyed being an intern at NNTC. I feel that my five placement weeks have strengthened my research and report-writing skills, along with my ability to sit at a desk for several hours straight!

Bonnie Eisendel, NNTC

I have had an incredible past six weeks in the office. The staff were all so welcoming and friendly, I was trusted with almost full autonomy over my work and there was always support when needed. After the positive experience I've had here and the investment I've found in my work, I really want to expand my experience working in the Indigenous sector. My motivations to pursue human rights work have definitely been strengthened by my time here and I'm excited to see the progress of the Close The Gap submission I've been working behind. What I have learnt from the internship is something that will stick with me and inform the rest of my work in future. 

Samantha Varghese, NNTC

Before I went to the NNTC, my goal was to work in the area of native title and/or Indigenous social policy. My internship further encouraged this and gave me a great insight into where I will head after graduation.

Madeleine Rudge, NNTC