Northern Land Council

During my time in Darwin, I learnt an enormous amount about the social, political and cultural context of legal issues surrounding native title claims and Aboriginal Land.  It was also an invaluable introduction to the variety of traditional decision making processes and how two systems of law can interact, clash or overlap.

Claire Toole, NLC

My experience at NLC was eye opening and valuable. I learnt more than I ever have working part time in a law firm in such a short space of time. However, I also became painfully aware how complex the area of the law surrounding land rights and native title can be.

Alana Humphris, NLC

I feel incredibly privileged to have completed my internship with the NLC. Throughout the entirety of my internship, I was kept stimulated and challenged, and felt that I was able to make a genuine contribution to the NLC’s work.  Working with the NLC was therefore both rewarding and challenging in equal measure.

Cristabel Gekas, NLC

The experience has further re-affirmed my desire to work in Australia as an Anthropologist especially with a Land Council like the NLC.

Nicole Donnelly, NLC

Overall, I had an amazing experience at the NLC and was exposed to a range of legal work including native title, Aboriginal land rights, leases, corporate governance and negotiations. I was also able to work with both interpreters and TOs.

Bridget Cama, NLC

I have realised that although I have learnt so many practical skills and gained a broader understanding of the work that is required as a representative body, the most unique quality of NLC is that every staff member cared so deeply about the work they do and more importantly who they do it for and this shapes the culture of the organisation hugely. It means that every decision made is very well considered and hugely meaningful.

Jessica Black, NLC

So my reasons for applying were twofold - to "be there" and to learn by being there. The fact that I was able to help in a small way as an intern gives me hope for being able to make a larger contribution to the work done in land councils once I graduate and can apply for regional anthropologist positions.

Emma Wical, NLC

I could not recommend this internship program more highly. It was the most well organised program I have participated in during my tertiary studies. The placements team provided excellent help and assistance, and gave me all the information I needed to pursue my internship confidently.

Cristabel Gekas, NLC

The very existence of Aurora has reversed a view that I was developing about the lack of potential employment for anthropologists outside the academy. This was very timely and the entire internship opportunity is something I appreciate very much.

Emma Wical, NLC

I welcomed this internship as a chance to place my studies into a real and pragmatic context and to balance my university-derived theoretical grounding with anthropological fieldwork practice.

Tommaso Piva, NLC

Not only did I learn significant amounts through this experience but the Aurora internship clarified what I wanted to do as a career and really set me up in the field. As a final year Law and Anthropology student, this role made me realise that there was a way I could utilise both degrees and make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Ellie Zola, NLC

I had an amazing time during the internship and it allowed me to see what land rights legal work is like. Especially now that I'm back at uni, I definitely consider work at a native title rep body as something I'd like to pursue in the future. 

Lauren Pavli , NLC

Thank you for the amazing experience I had whilst on my internship and the fact that it has progressed to a full time graduate job. As an Indigenous person in particular, I wanted to be in a job where I engaged with my people and undertake work that sincerely interested me and the program created a real pathway to employment.   

Jasmine Onus, NLC

This past six weeks has been one of the best experiences. I wasn’t aware of an anthropology career outside the academy before this and now I feel really excited about the potential to engage in applied anthropology as a career

Nell Reidy , NLC

The Aurora Internship Program certainly shaped the course of my life. I’m passionate about Aboriginal land rights and justice and really enjoy working at the NLC.

Tom Weston, NLC

The internship experience taught me a lot of real life skills that cannot be learnt solely through a university degree. I was able to put what I had learnt into practice at a critical point in my studies, which gave me a greater overall understanding of the content I had been learning. Through this experience I was given an appreciation for the legal, cultural and historical issues surrounding land in the Northern Territory.

Monica Thompson, NLC

This is all great experience for a recent graduate, utilising critical thinking and drawing on a range of fundamental anthropological knowledge to achieve practical and useful ends. ​

Jonathan Fox, NLC

My internship at the NLC among the very busy legal team was fantastic as a driver to keep me on track towards a (mature-aged) career in law.

Lee Campbell, NLC

Coming away from this internship, I feel I have gained confidence and much-needed experience in community development, professional collaboration, and (surprisingly!) business development.

Daniel Faust, NLC

Interning at the NLC offered me the opportunity of applying theoretical knowledge from my studies in anthropology and political science to a professional environment, in the context of land rights, native title and development.

John Dooley, NLC

The internship with the NLC has been a valuable and enjoyable experience contributing to both my personal and professional development. The five weeks were spent constantly learning and developing a deeper understanding of the work of Land Councils, the role of Anthropologists within a Land Council and the practical challenges of working in this field.

Nicole Donnelly, NLC

I found a lot of the tasks at the NLC very interesting. It was fantastic getting to see the broad range of work that lawyers do in general, and particularly in a firm that deals with Aboriginal land claims. I can certainly see myself working in this field.

Grace Hensel, NLC

Overall, I found my internship at the NLC to be highly rewarding. My experience showed me the breadth of job opportunities available within the area of Aboriginal Land Rights or Native Title.

Elisa Bolzonello, NLC

I was provided a very rich practical insight into native title and Aboriginal land rights and the internship definitely confirmed for me that I want to work in Aboriginal legal issues.

Elena Zola, NLC

My internship experience was fantastic. I was delegated work that was stimulating and challenging, and feel like I gained a real working insight into Native Title and Land Rights.

Cristabel Gekas, NLC

The most rewarding aspect of my placement was the knowledge I gained regarding Aboriginal Australia and the social and cultural structures of the different groups and clans of the Northern Territory.

Cassie Taylor, NLC

I am much more excited about my future career in law as a result of this internship because to be honest, the corporate law career is not where I see myself ending up. This internship showed me that there is definitely an area of law I can feel passionate about.

Hannah Court, NLC

I have never worked in the native title sector or Indigenous affairs more broadly, so I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to gain more insight into this area of work and how I can use my law degree in the future.  I think this experience has highlighted to me that I would like to work in native title or in the broader indigenous sector. I am very happy with my internship experience and am grateful that despite the Covid restrictions, I was able to complete the program virtually.

Eloise Cox, NLC

Overall, I had an invaluable experience. Most importantly, the experience turned my mind to: how ‘rights’ which Aboriginal people have gained in the western legal system can be used effectively and to their benefit into the future.

Bridget Cama, NLC

Interning ate the NLC could not have been a more rewarding experience. The passion that the staff had for the work they were doing was so heartening and inspiring. I didn't quite realise how much I would learn about the law and the legal profession but what I learnt was fantastically helpful in determining what I might do once I have graduated.

Grace Hensel, NLC

I had an amazing time during the internship and it allowed me to see what land rights legal work is like. Especially now that I'm back at uni, I definitely consider work at a native title rep body as something I'd like to pursue in the future. 

Lauren Pavli, NLC

I feel so immensely privileged to have experienced two extremely diverse and phenomenal workplaces before I’m even in my final year of university. I have learnt so many practical, theoretical and ideological lessons whilst completing my Aurora internships and I already am certain that these last six months will be the most rewarding academic experience of my entire 6-year degree.

Jessica Black, NLC

I had a very positive experience with the NLC and am grateful for the opportunity to undertake legal tasks that I had never had exposure to before. I feel that I gained invaluable insight into the way our land rights systems operate to impact communities in a tangible way.  This experience has confirmed to me that I would like to hopefully build a career working in native title or the Indigenous sector more broadly.

Eloise Cox, NLC

I did a lot more practical work for the Land Council than I had thought and my knowledge/understanding of Native Title and Land Rights has increased dramatically.

Eli Solomon , NLC

What benefited me most about my placement with the NLC was the way that I was able to apply what I had learnt in my tertiary studies, particularly my Anthropology major, to real and ongoing work and projects in land rights and native title.

John Dooley, NLC

The internship has most certainly put into perspective my learning at university and has given me a much clearer sense of direction in terms of my future career. Overall, the internship has been extremely well run and it was an incredibly valuable experience.

Cristabel Gekas , NLC

This internship as given me the opportunity to experience practical anthropological work for the first time in my life, and to discover the beauty of one of the oldest cultures in the world.

Alexandra Pluss, NLC

In my opinion, the best aspects of the internship program is the insight into the working environment and typical work of an NTRB.  I think that what is great about Aurora in particular is that they have established such great relationships with the organisations they partner with that the interns are held in high esteem by the organisation because of the integrity of Aurora. There is no trial period for an intern, they are thrown into the deep end as it is understood that Aurora will have chosen good interns.

Sophie McLeod, NLC

The internship gives interns a much needed exposure to administration in Indigenous affairs. No studies can prepare a student on how to work as a mining or joint-management project officer, only work experience through this kind of internship will teach them.

Paddy Mohan, NLC