The National Justice Project

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work at the National Justice Project and am incredibly privileged to be working at the National Justice Project alongside a team of people committed to promoting policy changes in onshore and offshore detention centres and correctional centres. 

Carly Baque, NJP

I'm grateful for the National Justice Project's dedication to developing my own legal skills and knowledge. I was invited to these meetings, not simply to participate or write notes, but for my own personal learning. This is knowledge that doesn’t only benefit me as an individual, but is a foundation for skills that I hope to share with my community.

Carly Baque, NJP

During my time at the National Justice Project I gained and refined a number of skills that I believe are intrinsic in the future pursuit of a legal career. Bearing witness to the change that the National Justice Project makes starting within the office and resulting in real world implications has been an invaluable experience and immensely motivating to further pursue justice in my legal career.

Rebecca Ryan-Brown, NJP