Ninti One

Ninti One

Never once did I feel exploited, in fact, quite the opposite, I felt like I was part of a team who was contributing to better the lives of our First Peoples. ​

Mena Condo, Ninti One

I was definitely inspired to commit to further work with Indigenous people despite the complexities of the struggle for reconciliation and justice.​

Caitlin Read, Ninti One

I definitely feel inspired to continue working towards a career in the field and the capacity to utilise one’s talents for such an important cause is something I aspire to.​

Mark Gilbert, Ninti One

My time at Ninti One built my understanding of the social, economic and political environment in Aboriginal communities and enhanced my understanding about Indigenous Australia which has made me feel better prepared to continue with a career in this field

Caitlin Read, Ninti One

The community visits were incredibly rewarding in allowing me to gain a far better insight into the way organisations interact with Aboriginal communities, and just into the sheer complexity of many of the issues faced by some of the Aboriginal communities I visited. These visits were invaluable in shaping my understanding of the work and issues that remain.

Joseph Cook, Ninti One

Ninti brought me right in on their projects and gave me some core work, which was amazing!  This experience has taught me more about how Government contracts and research from universities get rolled out in communities through NGOs.

Vanessa Farrelly, Ninti One

My Internship helped to give a more practical backing to much of the theoretical work I have done at University. My time in Alice was an education in how much there is to learn and the complexity of some of the work being done within the sector.

Joseph Cook, Ninti One

I feel like I've gained an in depth understanding of the community development sector and I've worked on a variety of projects which has given a greater understanding of Indigenous Australia and government work.

Courtney Aarons, Ninti One

Through the network of people I met and made friends with, I gained huge insight into Aboriginal culture, rights, and the types of systemic issues faced by Aboriginal people.

Sophia Georgeff, Ninti One

I have been able to apply my academic studies into the work environment, and that felt rewarding.​

Mena Condo, Ninti One

The more communities I visit, and the more country I have the opportunity to see and learn about, the more I understand the unfathomable diversity of each place. Every part with it’s own very distinct and unique country, culture, relationships and kin. 

Georgina Igoe , Ninti One

My internship with Ninti One has undoubtedly been the most significant and insightful experience I have had thus far within this space; I learnt a great deal about many facets of the sector, while also developing my personal and professional skills.

Joseph Cook, Ninti One

To me, the most defining characteristic of Ninti One’s work is their unique and desirable approach to community development and research, basing their operation on the employment of Aboriginal Community Researcher’s (ACR’s).  For me, the Aurora Internship Program has been life changing. It opened the door to my first paid role in the Indigenous sector, it has allowed me to learn amongst a supportive team at Ninti One, and has given me the opportunity to explore and experience the land in Central Australia.

Freya Kinden, Ninti One

The internship was not only about the technical work I did in the office (although it was that too), but it was about the experience of working and living in a remote location, and observing the unique challenges people face living in the desert.

Teghan Collingwood, Ninti One