National Centre for Indigenous Studies

It’s been an incredible experience. Thank you Aurora, for connecting me with this brilliant experience, and for giving me the opportunity to learn and contribute to this really important political space.

Alice Wighton, NCIS

I highly recommend the NCIS to anyone looking for stimulating work in research and who is interested in the Indigenous sector.

Alex Rouse, NCIS

It has been an enjoyable and valuable learning experience. I have met some wonderful people and have been exposed to amazing and important research about deficit discourses. Overall a pleasant and rewarding internship.

Courtney-Rose Barker-Finegan, NCIS

More than just an excellent acronym, the NCIS is like a little but diverse family. It is truly an interdisciplinary centre of research with an incredible mix of social scientists, anthropologists and legal scholars to name a few.

Kate Barton, NCIS

I’ve learnt so much from my time within AIGI at the NCIS. This was a great learning experience and enabled me to develop my own thinking around the complexities of Indigenous governance, as well as some important academic skills around data management and analysis.

Alice Wighton, NCIS

My time as an Aurora Intern proved to be an invaluable life experience. The opportunity to not only work within an office environment, but interact with some of the most passionate and qualified Indigenous rights advocates proved to be truly humbling. I feel exceptionally blessed for the numerous friendships I made throughout the entire process, and genuinely believe I will remain close friends with many of these individuals. While I not only developed practical skills in terms of research and data entry, this internship further reaffirmed to me the need to advocate for social justice and pursue a career within the Indigenous Affairs sector.

Caitlyn Goldney, NCIS

Having the opportunity to work on a project to a far greater extent than any assignment for uni and having professional support to develop skills. This enabled me to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the history of Indigenous education and the way colonial processes impact Indigenous education. My writing skills also went to another level as I was given professional support to develop my expression and ability to construct an argument.

Phoebe Whittington, NCIS

My internship was more than just research focused. I had opportunities to attend meetings with visiting international scholars and seminars held in conjunction with the First Nations Forum and I have gained so many insights into the diversity of the Indigenous sector and I feel really motivated to pursue this as a future career.

Kate Barton, NCIS

The internship has most definitely given me a lot more passion (and knowledge) about Indigenous issues and injustices, and I hope to pass that feeling to other people so that they may become interested in being involved.

Natalia Gould, NCIS

Overall, my time as an Aurora intern has been one of the best experiences I have had so far, and I am so truly grateful I made the decision to apply. While I not only met so many incredible people and did amazing things, I genuinely deepened my understanding and commitment towards Indigenous advocacy, and now know this is definitely the area that I wish to work within in the future.

Caitlyn Goldney, NCIS