National Centre for Indigenous Excellence

I am grateful to receive the opportunity to brainstorm with people who work on the field and to learn more about issues faced by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. In addition, I obtained insights about how a non-profit organization operates and how to conduct appropriate professional communication.

Indriani Pratiwi, NCIE

The tasks I was set exceeded my expectations and I actually felt I was making a difference and that I was really taking a load off the shoulders of my colleagues.

Stephanie McNamee, NCIE

As well as the awesome programs and initiatives the organisation runs, the warmth and sense of community that comes from the NCIE is truly inspiring and I feel privileged for having met all the people I worked with.  

Siobhan Tierney, NCIE

I’ve found the work challenging, diverse and very interesting. It’s a fantastic experience to be surrounded by people who are so dedicated and passionate about what they do.

Effie Shorten, NCIE

I had a great experience and couldn't recommend it enough.  The most rewarding aspects were getting the opportunity to work with mob and give back to the community, as well as getting to use new skills and knowledge.  I ended up learning so much I never thought I could get a hang of.

Chenoa Masters, NCIE

The Aurora Internship Program is a fantastic way to enhance your employability and professional skill-set, whilst providing an invaluable insight into the functioning and vision of NTRB’s and other organisations working in the sector.​

Elyssa Bayne, NCIE

Participation in the program can have a profound effect on interns. Each intern has a unique experience with a different focus; mine turned out to be a lesson in the capacity for achievement of young Indigenous Australians. My internship at the NCIE turned out to be an invaluable opportunity to work amongst a group of people who are making a real difference.

Effie Shorten, NCIE