National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy

This has been a period of personal and professional development. As a non-Indigenous person it was also a valuable opportunity to broaden my personal understand and connection to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Marianne Schaffer-Gardiner, NASCA

It has been a very rewarding experience working at NASCA, I feel I have developed my learning and confidence, which has set myself up for the next chapter in my career path.  

Katherine Carnachan, NASCA

Best decision I’ve made regarding my career! It’s given me a lot of confidence in my abilities to work with people, and work steadily undistracted for a long period of time.

Susannah Clement, NASCA

The Aurora Project internship was an experience I am very grateful for. I have been fortunate enough to have been given the chance to work with and build friendships with the wonderful team at NASCA, working on some amazing projects for Indigenous youth at the same time. Being given this opportunity at the end of my first year of university was something I would never have expected and I have gained valuable work experience and met some great people along the way. Applying for the Aurora Project Internship Program was a challenge I am happy I took on and I highly recommend applying for the next round as it is something that will not be regretted.

Ayden Marzinotto, NASCA