Marnin (formerlly MFWRC)

Marninwarntikura Fitzroy Women's Resource Centre

The experience turned out to be highly rewarding, and through my time in Fitzroy Crossing I was able to develop incredible insights into the complexities, challenges and benefits of not only legal work in the Indigenous sector, but of living and working in a small, remote community as well.

Nicole Mazga, Marnin (formerlly MFWRC)

Despite its challenges, I had an inspiring and empowering experience with Marninwarntikura.

Lola Alexanders, Marnin (formerlly MFWRC)

This internship gave me an insight on community participation; one of the aims of FVF is to bring together service providers, organizations and Shire and Government agencies and departments.  Overall, this was an eye opening experience which allowed me to see the issues and complex relationships within the Indigenous and non – profit sectors.

Denise Gonzalez, Marnin (formerlly MFWRC)

I left Fitzroy Crossing with a new outlook on remote community life for the non-Indigenous workers and look forward to taking all the unexpected learning with me into future professional endeavours and remote community adventures.

Lola Alexander, Marnin (formerlly MFWRC)