Kimberley Land Council

This internship has been a huge learning curve, and I'm continually reminded of how lucky I am to be able to have this experience. I'm now able to contemplate what a career working as an anthropologist in native title might look like, so this is very exciting.  

Gabriella Raetz, KLC

For me, this experience has reaffirmed that I would love to engage in this kind of work after graduation and has inspired me to undertake an honours project on a related topic.

Katherine Bellchambers, KLC

The most rewarding part of my placement was working on a daily basis for Aboriginal people. In particular, I found it very rewarding to be working to go beyond the minimum standard provided in legal frameworks to get the best outcomes for NTPs and TOs. For me, this was very personally fulfilling, as it showed me how my interest in social justice and native title work could be turned into a career.

Brigid Horneman-Wren, KLC

During my time at the KLC I learnt so much more than just native title law. Some of my favourite moments were those spent sitting and listening to Aboriginal people talking about their lives, their families and their country.​

Marina White, KLC

As incredible as the work experience aspect of my time in Broome was, it was the incidental experiences, the people and culture I was exposed to as a result of working at a remote Rep Body in the Kimberley that will truly stick with me.

David Reger, KLC

The Aurora Internship Program provided me with an enriching experience both personally and professionally and one that I will continue to draw on in the future.

Kate Thresher, KLC

There were many rewarding moments, however being able to go on country and attend the claimant meetings were what I found most valuable and unforgettable.

Jessica Moody, KLC

I have had the most amazing time up here with the KLC. It has really re-motivated me to finish my final year (of six consecutive years) of university studies and to pursue this area of law as a career.

Shanti Fatchen, KLC

I have no doubt that this placement will inform and inspire my future study and work life.

Gabrielle Raetz, KLC

Most rewarding aspects were being able to read and see professional anthropological reports and the way in which the legal requirements of native title influence these as well as being able to attend a Consent Determination which was truly inspiring experience - one I won't forget

Renata Centinich, KLC

I've had an incredibly rewarding and valuable experience which I am certain I will look back on as a formative and crucial time in my legal career.  The tasks I have been given have not only been extremely engaging, they have given me a wealth of practical experience which has already shaped a more concrete picture of my future as a legal practitioner.

Bethany Moore, KLC

The internship was my first hands-on experience in native title. On a technical level, it allowed me to develop my legal research skills, plain English drafting skills and my understanding of the mechanics of native title law. On a personal level, the experience opened my eyes to a significant and rich part of Australia’s cultural history, which is too often brushed over at school and university. I was able to observe first-hand the challenges faced by Aboriginal communities in taking control of their country, as well as the potential for self-empowerment through conservation and cultural business enterprises. This has motivated me to pursue further career opportunities in native title.

Chloe Thomas, KLC

I feel extremely excited about how formative I can see this experience will be on my choice of career pathway.

Bethany Moore, KLC

I’m very proud and thankful that Aurora provided me the opportunity of the internship, it has been a highlight of my beginning baby lawyer career. 

Jessica Moody, KLC

The internship opened doors for me – at least three senior employees as KLC expressed the desire to have me return in future and take up a paid position there.

Penelope Swales, KLC

By working with people who dealt with native title law and Indigenous issues, I gained first hand knowledge and understanding of how they are interrelated and how the law works in these situations.

Jessica Shaw, KLC

For me, the best part of the internship program was the chance to develop my research skills and showed me the realities of working in a native title environment as well as the issues affecting Indigenous Australians in a remote community. On a more personal level, I felt that I was making a positive difference helping out an organisation so under-resourced and overstretched as the KLC Library.

Mary Davies, KLC

I can say that I have learnt more about Native Title during the past three weeks at the KLC than I did during University. Not only did I learn about native title in practice, I learnt about the relationship with the Future Acts and a lot of practical difficulties involved in working in a rural area with clients who live across vast areas of land.

Jessica Shaw, KLC

For me, the internship has planted a seed of interest that I am very eager to continue to pursue. I would love to continue to learn as much as I can about Indigenous perspectives, native title, and how the law applies to and affects Indigenous groups.

Siena Hopkinson, KLC

Aurora, I’m still feeling like the luckiest girl in the world to be here. This internship program is just such a great idea for students like me.

Renata Centinich, KLC

Just a huge thanks for the flexibility, approachability and guidance of the Aurora team. You are all obviously so invested in this Program, and your commitment absolutely shows. I felt very comfortable entering the internship experience thanks to the support provided by your team.​

Georgia Hagias, KLC

The best aspect of my internship experience was learning about the richness of the Aboriginal culture and the strength of their connection to the land, and gaining a better understanding of the challenges faced by the communities.

Chloe Thomas, KLC

My internship has so far been the highlight of my degree and something I would urge everyone to consider because it involves a variety of legal fields, such as corporations law, property law, contract law, as well as native title, and so is not just for those interested in aboriginal affairs

India Mason-Cox, KLC

This was one of the most rewarding, nourishing and energising six weeks of my life. I couldn't have wished for a more rewarding, productive and motivating experience.  It was genuinely one of the best experiences of my adulthood so I am extremely grateful and know it will be looked back on as a turning point in my life for many years to come.

Bethany Moore, KLC

Thanks also to the Aurora team for your administrative and professional efforts. I think the project is a valuable one and it wouldn’t be possible without the centralised selection and organization process.  

Gemma Acland, KLC

I really valued my internship experience. I feel very privileged that I was able to be part of such an interesting and important organisation and realise that very few undergraduates get this kind of opportunity.

Katherine Bellchambers, KLC

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the KLC. It has changed my view about native title and has made me more passionate about the area and enriched my knowledge.

Jacqueline Lau, KLC

Personally I have found the internship experience to have been a rewarding and valuable one. I have gained a far greater appreciation of the role and function of NTRB’s as well as the work that is going on more broadly in the area. Now that I know what is involved I would definitely consider working in the area in the future.   

Gemma Acland, KLC

From the perspective of professional development, this internship experience has been unrivaled. From the perspective of indigenous affairs, the work KLC performs necessarily requires interns to confront the reality of our government's treatment of indigenous Australians while realising the strength of the communities we are attempting to serve.  I could not have asked for a better experience as an intern nor could I have received a better introduction to native title in practice.

Jack Stanovesk, KLC

The best part of the internship was being able to learn directly from Aboriginal people and gain a deeper understanding of the Native Title legal system. The experience overall was very enriching and is something I will draw upon in my career and life in years to come.

Kate Thresher, KLC

During the six weeks I spent at the KLC in Broome I learnt more about native title law and Indigenous issues than I ever could have through merely studying the facts.

Jessica Shaw, KLC

The internship with KLC has been a truly worthwhile experience, not only a lot of fun, but an enriching one, which has opened my eyes to a very interesting area of law. I hope that I can continue to stay abreast of native title and keep in touch with Indigenous issues.

Amy Rogers, KLC

The best aspect of the program is learning about native title and Indigenous affairs in an applied way, that would have never been possible in a solely academic context.

Mia Cooke-Joshi, KLC

The opportunity for informal learning is unparalleled. You're working with people who love their jobs and want you to love it too, so they're great role models and they (mostly) give interesting tasks.

Rachel Arthur, KLC

The KLC provided me with a unique opportunity to work in an environment where lawyers, park rangers, anthropologists and community members operate in close proximity. I felt this experience particularly highlighted the need to broaden the discourse about potential career pathways available to law graduates.

Bethany Moore, KLC

Aurora, I’m still feeling like the luckiest girl in the world to be here. This internship program is just such a great idea for students like me.

Renata Centinich, KLC

Unlike other internships that I’ve undertaken, at the KLC I felt that I made a real difference – it has been invaluable, rewarding and so educational.​

Louise Almeida, KLC

The breadth of experience I received will inform my future academic work and career decisions in this field.

Amani Green, KLC

My Aurora internship has demonstrated to me that there is a valid place for classical anthropological fieldwork and ethnography in an applied, ‘real-world’ setting, and that a career in native title anthropology would be a challenging and rewarding way to earn a living.  ​

Erin Newell, KLC