Just Reinvest/Maranguka

Just Reinvest/Maranguka

It was mind-blowing to watch and be part of the collaboration of the existing services which come together under Maranguka’s umbrella.  Inspirational is an understatement to witness how such pro-active, transparent, forward thinking community leaders can bring about such positive change supported by a progressively developed and established system that is proving to be successful.

Jay Lee Snowden, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

Working on the Community Toolkit provided me with an insight into the intersection between state policy and the law, and how law reform can be achieved. The people that I was able to meet and hear about was also inspirational. Above all, I take away a deep appreciation for the work of not-for-profit organisations, and a strong passion for justice reinvestment in Australia.

Holly Frederickson, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

Working with Just Reinvest NSW gave me a really unique insight into how community-led strengths-based approaches can operate in the real world.  I highly recommend interning with JR NSW. The support and guidance from the Moree and Sydney JR NSW teams really helped make this an invaluable experience, which has built up my confidence to work in the Indigenous sector and has allowed me to develop a deeper understanding of what it is to truly work for and be led by community.

My internship experience with JR NSW has only further affirmed what I already believed – as Aboriginal people, we are the experts on the strengths, challenges, and needs of our own communities, and we must be given the opportunities and support on a local and state level in order to lead the way towards a strong, safe, and promising future.  I especially urge any Indigenous students to apply to Aurora, as this internship experience has only strengthened my sense of identity and made me feel like working in the Indigenous sector is where I am supposed to be.

Holly Fabila, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

This was an incredible opportunity to work in a completely different legal sector than I have experience in. It gave me an insight into how not for profits without government funding operate and the amazing work that they do with very little resources. I met so many great people who were generous with their time and sharing their experiences with a student.

Holly Fredericksen, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

The Aurora Internship was one of the best things I have completed in my undergraduate career and I am looking forward to if I can participate in another one later this year.The Aurora Internship was one of the best things I have completed in my undergraduate career and I am looking forward to if I can participate in another one later this year.

Jessica Heaney, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

This experience has set up a pathway into my future that I was always keen on pursuing, but it has given me clarity and a realistic vision I can strive to pursue.  I honestly cannot thank Aurora enough for this opportunity and experience and generosity.

Jay Lee Snowden, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

I cannot stress enough the cultural immersion, career development and friendships this internship has provided me and the support the Aurora team has always made readily available for me throughout the process.

Jessica Heaney, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

I have had such a good experience learning from this organisation and this community. It has been such an eye-opening and incredible experience and I am so thankful I got the opportunity to come be a part of the work here. In terms of my career path it has been so helpful in discovering which direction I really want to take in my future employment.

Lucy Tierney, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

The most rewarding aspects of my internship was being able to gain some first-hand experience in the field of work that I am interested in and get a better understanding of how organisations in the Indigenous sector operate. This has been an amazing way for me to figure out which direction I want to go in my career.

Lucy Tierney, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

I developed a real understanding of how those in the legal sector, particularly non-Indigenous people, can engage with Indigenous people, be they as clients, community members or leaders, in a way that brings about positive change in the criminal justice system. I similarly gained an understanding of the ‘behind the scenes’ policy work that is integral to positive law reform in Australia.

Sarah Abell, Just Reinvest/Maranguka

I am very interested in policy so I really enjoyed being exposed to how the Just Reinvest team approach policy. I was given really rewarding research work, which allowed me to delve into aspects of the Indigenous sector I had never engaged with before.

Amelia Pitney, Just Reinvest/Maranguka