First Peoples Health Unit

First Peoples Health Unit - Griffith University

The most rewarding aspect of my internships was learning new skills and being exposed to experienced professionals and possible job opportunities.

Hope Saba, First Peoples Health Unit

I feel that my grounding in the knowledge gained from FPHU has really changed my outlook on the health sector and what possibilities there are with the incorporation of First People's health practices.

Cieon Hilton, First Peoples Health Unit

The First Peoples Health Unit is an amazing organisation, with all the people involved so passionate about Indigenous health, academic achievements and belonging. The most rewarding aspects of my placement was the cultural knowledge I was able to gain from speaking to other Indigenous people, attending cultural tours and simply researching the area of cultural safety.  It showed me how crucial and important Indigenous research on health was to closing the gap.  As I am Indigenous myself, it allowed me to be more in touch with my heritage and allowed me to feel connected to other Aboriginal people and the environment in a way I have never felt before, and I am extremely grateful for that. It has improved my confidence, social skills and overall development as a person after gaining so much cultural knowledge and respect for Indigenous culture. I gained much more than just professional experience.

Makayla Jennings, First Peoples Health Unit

This internship opened my eyes to the increasing opportunities and different pathways available to me for my future.

Makayla Jennings, First Peoples Health Unit

I think the best aspect of the internship program was the general insight I gained into the Indigenous health sector and being able to get a feel for career opportunities and meet a lot of hard-working and dedicated people who have endless wisdoms to share.


Lia Inguanti-Pledger, First Peoples Health Unit

My Aurora Internship placement at FPHU has been very productive. I felt very welcomed and learned a lot about First Peoples history and culture, as well as many inspiring works for the inclusive future of First Peoples in Australia. Thank you again Aurora for the opportunity!

Isabella Apriyana, First Peoples Health Unit

This I can honestly say has been the most influential experiences I have had in regards to professional and personal development. As an Indigenous physiotherapy student, I have always sought to steer my practice towards promoting Indigenous healthcare and throughout my time with the FPHU, my motivation and aspirations have only risen.  This internship has nurtured my development as a student and has really re-charged my batteries that were going a bit flat after three years of studying, but now I am more pumped than ever, looking in to the future and seeing the many opportunities available to me.

Matthew Hoffman, First Peoples Health Unit

I am truly grateful for this experience and I believe I have made many memories during my stay.

Brenna O. Bernardino, First Peoples Health Unit

Whilst I have much more to learn, my time spent with FPHU definitely gave me some insight into the First Peoples barriers within higher education and the health workforce. The five weeks I spent with FPHU were eye-opening, thought-provoking and empowering, and the experience has been absolutely invaluable to my professional and personal development.

Lia Inguanti-Pledger, First Peoples Health Unit