Federal Court of Australia

This internship was a fantastic opportunity to gain exposure to native title and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn more about the Indigenous sector and the experiences gained have definitely informed my future career path.

Sabrina Bhuiyan, FCA

The experience of undertaking an internship was deeply enriching personally and provided a range of opportunities for me to improve my professional skills. The internship gave me valuable insight into the current state of native title in Australia, its positives and its shortcomings.

This experience has really set me up a bit in my life, providing further opportunities to pursue my interest through the networks I've gained. 

Con Batch, FCA

The most rewarding aspect was being able to gain an understanding of Native Title. It is a complex and niche area so learning directly from case managers was a rare opportunity to have all questions answered. If you are interested in working in this space, the Aurora program is the best opportunity to give it a go and start networking.

Sabrina Bhuiyan, FCA

My internship truly helped me to understand the requirements for proving native title and opened my eyes to intersecting areas like anthropology, commercial property, cultural studies and the environment. I think this is why I find native title so fascinating because you can be deep in a judgment or legal materials and be learning about claimants’ ancestral records, their connections with their land and community customs and laws.  The Aurora internship has been central in beginning this curation of my career toward something that truly matters to First Nations people and the wider Australian identity.

Rasa Bergin, FCA