Environmental Defenders Office NSW

The passion with which EDONSW staff approach their work has been inspiring, and their experiences have opened me up to a variety of possible legal career pathways.  The most rewarding aspects were working with, and assisting policy development experts and leading indigenous lawyers to give critical feedback to the NSW Government on fundamental reform to Aboriginal cultural heritage protection.

William Field-Papuga, EDONSW

My experience at the EDO has not only inspired me to be more environmentally conscious but has provided me with a whole new perspective on our legal system and the role of lawyers in our society.

Felicity Brown, EDONSW

To work in this area requires a particular type of resilience; a resilience that keeps you positive and head-strong, despite the setbacks. It’s been inspiring to work amongst a group who people who not only have that resilience, but also empathy, professionalism, and intellect.

Audrey Quicke, EDONSW

Most rewarding aspect was being able to see what being a kickass environmental and climate justice lawyer looked like, and recognising that I had it in me to one day become one too. Feeling like part of a team and seeing the results of my work being used meaningfully in the work of the EDO.

Grace huang, EDONSW

Over my time on placement, I saw significant improvement in my research skills, presentation and knowledge of the legal system. Under the mentorship of the litigation team I was able to make meaningful contributions to the work of the EDO and gained advice on pursuing a career in environmental law. 

Felicity Brown, EDONSW