Cape York Land Council

The most rewarding aspects of the internship were working with experienced anthropologists and lawyers, building a more comprehensive understanding of native title and land rights in Australia, and feeling I was assisting with something important and worthwhile.

Leigh Holdaway, CYLC

I was able to experience what native title law is compared to studying the theory of it at University. I enjoyed working alongside passionate lawyers and meeting traditional owners.

Mikaela French, CYLC

I have loved my Aurora internship at the CYLC. I have met some incredible people and have found an area of law that I would be passionate to pursue in the future.

Sarah Giggins, CYLC

My internship experience was resoundingly positive. I have gained a lot - in terms of connections with other interns and colleagues, and a greatly expanded understanding of Native Title, the people involved, and its many facets. This experience has undoubtedly reaffirmed my desire to engage in areas of social justice and the promotion of positive social change. I can see through my background in sociology of gender and education, the importance of intersectionality in the Indigenous sector.

Brittany Bro, CYLC

Working with the CYLC land council has been rewarding as I've seen some of the intersections of Anthropology and Law and how the two practices inform each other. I've been able to appreciate the role anthropologists play in this setting and the unique set of skills needed to break down expert reports

Pepe Bingham-Hall, CYLC

I learnt a lot in my short time at CYLC, by way of working out research methods and reading countless anthropological reports and discussing it with the team.  I feel like I was starting to understand more fully, the best ways to comb through expert anthropological reports and filter the information.  It was interesting to see how the sites would be mapped and their usefulness in the legal proceedings.

Pepe Bingham-Hall, CYLC

I feel this internship has not only given me a foot in the door in this sector but encouraged me that anthropology, and Indigenous affairs more generally are viable and interesting career options.

Mallory Notting, CYLC

My Aurora internship was a huge privilege that opened many doors in my life. 

Chiara Lawry, CYLC

Thank you again for the amazing opportunity. I am learning so much and it's only reaffirming my desire to pursue a career in Native Title. ​

Sophie Green, CYLC

This placement was rewarding in both a personal and professional sense, providing experiences I will draw on for many years to come

Alena Stirton, CYLC

I would highly recommend the program to anyone looking to apply the concepts they’ve studied, considering pursuing a career in this sector and keen to have an invaluable opportunity to meet and learn from experienced practitioners.

Hannah Andersen, CYLC

I consider this internship to be the greatest way to start my native title career launch

Rue Masunungure, CYLC

My experiences on placement were invaluable and personal, and has helped me understand native title issues on a deeper level. This placement has not only given me practical legal experience, but also placed me outside my comfort zone and challenged me in all aspects, which I believe has helped me develop my interpersonal skills.

Anannya Mazumder, CYLC

The most important message I took away from my experience is the fact the small changes and opportunities are those that will have a strong influence on the positive and long-term future of Indigenous communities and culture.

Alena Stirton, CYLC

The Aurora internship has been very beneficial to my studies and extended my legal knowledge. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in the non-for profit sector and working alongside passionate legal professionals. Working in native title has confirmed my interest in this legal area and I hope to work as a legal practitioner in a NTRB organisation upon graduation.

Mikaela French, CYLC

I learnt so much about native title processes; contemporary Indigenous empowerment and agency; and anthropological processes such as research and report writing in practice. This was all hugely beneficial for my personal and professional growth.

Katja Bignall-Daly, CYLC

This has shaped up to be the best experience and I really feel like my career is starting. It's such an awesome feeling.

Erin Matthews, CYLC

My experience at Cape York Land Council has encouraged me to pursue a career in this sector and also given me a far better understanding of Australian landscape, Indigenous people and challenges experiences by stakeholders in the native title sector. 

Hannah Andersen, CYLC

This has been an amazing experience and has helped me grow as a person and a future legal professional. Work experience in a legal role is a great benefit to any law student, but work experience in such a dynamic, unique, and challenging environment is something that can teach way more than simple legal skills. Working in the native title sector at a busy and potentially under-resourced organisation teaches you to be proactive, flexible, and resourceful.

Rebecca Scott, CYLC