Central Land Council

CLC was not only a fulfilling experience for exposing me to the realities that face Aboriginal people in Central Australia, it was also beneficial to the development of my technical legal skills in legal research, drafting and the provision of advice. My experience at CLC made me appreciate the value of commercial and property work outside the scope of a traditional commercial law firm.

Subeta Vimalarajah, CLC

The experience Aurora has afforded me has given me professional experience in my area of interest and will provide me with a valuable point of difference when I graduate

Biranna Taylor, CLC

While my current employment may be in corporate law, the internship has indisputably opened my mind to a future in native title and allowed me to build a strong relationship with a prominent organisation in the field, which I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to do.

Melissa Rubbo, CLC

This internship allowed me to place my university studies of anthropology into a real and pragmatic context, and thus gain an in-depth understanding of how anthropology has a significant influence on the lives of many Indigenous people.

Deborah Hoger, CLC

I believe an Aurora internship challenges you, both professionally and personally. Through this experience, I have come to appreciate that native title is a multi-faceted area of law which has the capacity to inspire legal practitioners working in the industry on a daily basis.

Melissa Rubbo, CLC

The opportunity to apply some of my anthropological knowledge in a real and working environment has meant that I now return to my studies, which are based on the issue of joint management, with valuable insight into the complexities and dynamic nature of relationships and partnerships between Indigenous groups and other organisations. This perhaps has been the most valuable part of my experience here.

Deborah Hoger, CLC

I couldn't have asked for a more eye-opening, challenging, and diverse experience.

Amelia Hanscombe, CLC

I was able to establish relationships and receive knowledge and perspective from people who have played significant roles in the land rights movement in the Northern Territory and generally in Australia.

Jalal Razi, CLC

I have learnt a lot in my time at the Land Council and have found working in Native Title and Land Rights a really diverse and fascinating area of law.

Veronica Snip, CLC

I sincerely believe it is a unique experience and no other internship has offered the same combination of intellectual stimulation and personal enjoyment!

Melissa Rubbo, CLC

As an Indigenous person myself, I found the whole experience particularly rewarding, and I look forward to pursuing a career in Indigenous affairs.

Deborah Hoger, CLC

The work I’ve been exposed to at the CLC has been both challenging and interesting. The support I’ve received is especially encouraging when considering a career in this field.  

Craig Allsop, CLC

Gained a wealth of first-hand experience and knowledge that will supplement my university studies well.

Spencer Platten, CLC

It was a great experience and gave me such a better understanding of how land rights and native title operate in the Territory. I'd love to go back up there and work sometime in the future.

Ellen Murphy, CLC

This internship has provided me with an excellent opportunity to meet other anthropologists and witness (and take part in some of) their roles and responsibilities in the native title context. 

Deborah Hoger, CLC

My Aurora internship at the CLC was a challenging, valuable experience. It made me think about how the legal system can empower Aboriginal people by recognising and enforcing their land rights.​

Margot Eliason, CLC

The Aurora internship is the best "work experience" I have had.​


Margot Eliason, CLC

My time at the CLC has actually opened my mind about practising law – the role of CLC lawyers is something I would definitely consider doing. It has also been great to get some exposure to the Community Development Unit at CLC. As I major in development studies, working in the CD unit is also another option I would seriously think about doing in the future.

Lauren Lai, CLC