Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Service

My placement with NAAJA (formerly CAALAS) has definitely been the most rewarding internship experience I’ve had to date. I’ve been exposed to a wide variety of work in both civil and criminal law and gained a deeper understanding about Indigenous issues in remotes areas of Australia. 

Michelle Bovill, CAALAS (now NAAJA)

It was a highly rewarding experience that I will never forget. I now know that i want to work in the NT in the Indigenous sector in the future.

Alexandra Brown, CAALAS (now NAAJA)

This internship has been my most rewarding legal experience! I was exposed to great work in civil and criminal law and gained a deeper understanding of the issues in the Indigenous sector.

Michelle Bovill, CAALAS (now NAAJA)

Working in legal aid/community legal centre is what I wish to pursue in my legal career and having this experience with CAALAS really confirmed to me that this is the area I want to get into.  Hands down the best thing I have done at university, I learnt so much and could put so much of my degree into practice.

Laura Jordan, CAALAS (now NAAJA)

I think the Aurora Project has achieved its goal of convincing young lawyers to continue to work in Aboriginal community legal services, as I am waiting for the next opportunity to get back to Alice.

Billy Bruffey, CAALAS (now NAAJA)

I developed a lot of practical legal skills and found a career path that I am really excited to begin. I can honestly say that it was one of the most valuable and special experiences I have ever been so privileged as to experience.

Maddy Wonders, CAALAS (now NAAJA)