AV (formerly OAAV)

Aboriginal Victoria

It was truly heartwarming and encouraging to see how much they valued my work, which has given me the confidence to apply for roles for which I would have never perceived myself to be qualified.

Amy Pettifer, AV (formerly OAAV)

This internship was a unique opportunity for me to discover the work done in a government department dedicated to Indigenous affairs, and thus to understand the stakes as well as the ins and outs of public policies in this field, while gaining meaningful professional knowledge and skills.

Theodore Butcher-Cornett, AV (formerly OAAV)

I have learnt a lot whilst completing my internship at AV, being able to sit in on executive team meetings has given me a valuable understanding into the processes of governments. Furthermore, working within the treaty team has given me a unique insight into the current treaty process in Victoria.  My internship at AV has also provided the opportunity to develop substantive legal skills and connect the theory and practice of law by experiencing the law in practice outside of the classroom and textbooks.  Finally, whilst at AV I have been able to strengthen existing relationships as well as form new ones with the Victorian Aboriginal community. Much like the rest of Aboriginal Australia, my community has been encouraged by the treaty discussions in Victoria and will be keeping a close watch on the process.

Clinton Benjamin, AV (formerly OAAV)

I am working as a Project Officer in the Community Capability Team at AV. And it’s all thanks to Aurora!! Honestly, it was the best decision I've made for my career to undertake an internship with you guys, so thank you for all your work making sure this program exists!

Amy Pettifer, AV (formerly OAAV)

The work I did gave me the feeling of being useful and contributing to the improvement of the legal framework dedicated to Victorian Aboriginal peoples.

Theodore Butcher-Cornett, AV (formerly OAAV)

On a professional level, I feel that this internship has allowed me to both test and develop my research skills, collaboration skills, and communication skills, and has imbued in me a strong interest in Aboriginal affairs

Riley Watkin , AV (formerly OAAV)

My Aurora internship experience at Aboriginal Victoria added invaluably to my professional knowledge and skills, as well as my personal development. Following the internship, I feel better equipped to work in another position that may require analysis of the effects of legislative instruments, particularly on Aboriginal communities.

Gabriella Freeman, AV (formerly OAAV)

In many ways the internship exceeded my expectations and I am really grateful for the rewarding experience. I gained a greater understanding of the different First Nations communities in Victoria and the relationship between communities and government. Second, I gained some understanding of processes of government.

Danita Moshinsky, AV (formerly OAAV)