Aboriginal Peak Organisations Northern Territory

I’m glad that I applied for this internship, because it was an opportunity not only to hone my career aspirations, but to learn about myself.

Gabe Lefkovits, APO NT

I have walked away from this 7-week internship with a better understanding of processes of collaboration and the diplomacy required to achieve them effectively, as well as policy processes and how these can be influenced through effective advocacy efforts.

Daisy Burgoyne, APO NT

It was a real privilege to work in an Aboriginal controlled organisation and work with the people I did and on such a critical policy area. The internship has made me more seriously consider a career in policy and the Indigenous sector.

Isabella Satz, APO NT

My internship afforded me an insight into the workings of government and its accountability to the work of inter-related NGOs. In every interaction there was something to learn. APO NT exposed me to the tireless efforts of countless activists and the cooperation of organisations necessary to maintain momentum in the cause of Indigenous Justice. 

John Vrodos, APO NT

Looking back on my time at APO NT, I strengthened my research and writing skills, gained newfound appreciation for grassroots advocacy and recognised the incomparable strength and resolution of the indigenous sector in Darwin, to agitate against government and ensure change for their communities. I now feel more capable of navigating the complexities of policy writing.

Imogen D'Souza, APO NT

I have learned a lot of about welfare policy and the key impacts and issues that arise from an Indigenous perspective.  Throughout my internship I have developed a much deeper understanding of some of the key issues facing Indigenous people in the Northern Territory and have had the privilege of learning from passionate advocates who have been working hard in the sector for decades, gaining insight into how Indigenous organisations and policy bodies such as APO NT negotiate and guide government. The work I did was diverse and required that I test my skills.

Sophie Bogard, APO NT

I loved working on communications tasks for APO NT because I saw real value in the material I was producing. Given APO NT is so under resourced, I was able to jump onto communications tasks that were much more senior to my current experience and training. While this was exhilarating, it confirmed that I still have a lot to learn.

Madeleine Gracie, APO NT

My internship experience exceeded all possible expectations. I deepened my knowledge of the methods for effective policy writing and I learnt of the importance and power of collaboration in order to achieve successful advocacy efforts. Yet, above all, what I gained from this internship that is most significant is an experience in the life of a policy officer in the Indigenous sector.  

Emily Treeby, APO NT

The experience provides an incredible opportunity to learn more about the Indigenous sector and Aboriginal policy. APO NT submissions posed a unique challenge. The way issues like mandatory sentencing and climate change affect Aboriginal people, and more specifically Aboriginal people in the NT, is unique and complex.

James Hayne, APO NT

I would recommend an Aurora internship to anyone with an interest in public interest law and Indigenous affairs wanting to supplement classroom learning with practical experience  

Kana Fujimori, APO NT

My knowledge of Indigenous affairs increased exponentially, this is one of the most valuable and interesting experiences that I've ever had and I would highly recommend it.

Stephanie Noack, APO NT

Since the start of my studies in human services I have been interested in a grassroots practice approach, this means giving greater voice and control to locally-driven organisations. A Partnership Principles meeting with APO NT and other organisations was very informative, and helped me validate that this is an area that I am looking forward to work in.

Denisse Gonzalez, APO NT

I new that this was going to be a beneficial experience, but the deeper I get into the work, the more I realize it will probably be an indispensable one as well, in terms of preparing me for my future career.

Gabe Lefkovits, APO NT

I really believe that the  program I worked on will play a pivotal role in strengthening these organisations and communities, giving them a better chance at sustainable self-determination into the future, and I feel privileged to have been able to play a small part in that. 

Gretel Bull, APO NT

Darwin is a thriving hub of Aboriginal run organisations and it was a privilege to work at the epicentre of such vital work.

Madeleine Gracie, APO NT

This experience has strongly ignited a passion for Indigenous rights that has long been lingering and has confirmed my direction in my studies and career.  It offers you an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and work beside passionate and inspiring advocates and experts within the field, to develop professional skills, meet like-minded people and develop networks. 

Emily Treeby, APO NT