Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia

My experience in Albany was beyond amazing. I never experienced becoming a part of a community so quickly.

Hannah Dreyer, ALSWA

I have deeply enjoyed and benefited from the Aurora Internship opportunity

Marcus Dahl, ALSWA

My internship at ALSWA Albany has equipped me with the understanding I require to pursue further work working in either criminal defence or with Aboriginal people and for that I am very grateful.

Ninka Parker, ALSWA

My placement allowed me to draw upon my social work studies and recent experience as Youth Justice case manager, which has in turn solidified my desire to work in the justice system. I became aware of the true value that social workers can bring to ATSI clients who are overrepresented in Australia's courts and prisons, and I hope that I'll be able to continue this work in future roles.

Stephanie Krawczyk, ALSWA

The most rewarding aspects of my placement was when I helped to summarise evidence for trial and prepare a replacement lawyer for trial. It was so rewarding to feel like I had made a significant contribution to our client's case and that it had a successful outcome. My skills and my knowledge have grown immensely in this area.

Georgia Kalyniuk, ALSWA

Interning at ALS was extremely rewarding, and I felt honoured to be able to gain so much practical experience from the lawyers. My experience was truly invaluable.

Cara Tobin, ALSWA

The practical experience of my internships was absolutely priceless. Uni does not have the capacity to give the students practical experience for this length of this time. The court processes can be complicated and an internship provides an opportunity to gain a good understanding of how those processes work. The practice gained in drafting documents and analysing cases is such an advantage.


As a criminology and psychology student, this opportunity for experience ticked all the boxes.  As I continue my studies, my pathway is broadened and illuminated with the help of Aurora by facilitating and enabling invaluable possibilities and opportunities of experience within sectors where my passion for learning and making a difference truly can have a meaningful impact personally and within my community.

Jaye Lee Snowden, ALSWA

I have really enjoyed my internship with ASLWA working in family law unit. The experience was definitely beneficial to my future career aspirations.

Fiona Middleton-Gala, ALSWA

My placement at Aboriginal Legal Service WA in the Kalgoorlie office has been surprising, informative and representative of the larger criminal law issues of the state.

Overall my experience has been incredible and eye-opening. I recommend this internship to anyone who wants to gain further insight into criminal law, or better understanding of rural communities & the systematic issues within the justice system which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people face in Australia.

Richa Malaviya, ALSWA

I have learnt so much about cultural sensitivity and understanding and believe that is so invaluable to me personally, and professionally.

Yassamin Olson, ALSWA

I found my time at ALSWA in Albany a really enriching experience. I learnt a lot about the Western Australian criminal law legislation but also how courts and the ALS operate differently in a small town like Albany. The Program is an amazing opportunity to be pushed out of your comfort zone and to gain practical skills and knowledge regarding the issues facing Aboriginal peoples.

Hannah Dreyer, ALSWA

My expectations of how much I  would enjoy the work and how involved I would get to be in actual legal work were far exceeded.

Georgia Kalyniuk, ALSWA

I really enjoyed working in Family Law team & they were a fantastic group of individuals. I learnt a great deal about how the Family Law sector worked, how much impact the Department of Child Safety known as DCP in Western Australia has on the lives of Indigenous people & what that has meant for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders people not just in Western Australia but Australia in general.

Fiona Middleton-Gala, Social Work intern, ALSWA

I recently accepted a paid role with the Department for Correctional Services in South Australia. I am confident my work with ALS Broome gave me a competitive edge over other applicants due to the experience I gained through my engagement of Indigenous clients in the criminal justice system.

Stephanie Krawczyk, ALSWA