Australian Law Reform Commission

The best aspect of the Program is the fact that it is funded for indigenous students - definitely would not have been able to participate without that.

Emma St Clair, ALRC

I should mention what an enormous, enormous privilege it was to be able to stay in the centre of Sydney, thanks to Aurora and the funding they receive in order to provide this opportunity to recipients. I was also provided with a stipend for daily living expenses and for flights to and from Sydney. I had worried I wouldn’t be able to take the opportunity otherwise; but this made it happen and also lets interns have the ability to potentially be placed at organisations, towns and cities all over Australia. It gives me a lot of hope to think that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates can intern and gain experience in this way, and contribute to such major projects. It was an opportunity that made it extremely easy to concentrate and work hard while I was at the ALRC, as well as to enjoy the beauty of Sydney landmarks like Redfern and Bondi.

Declan Fry, ALRC

One of the best aspects of the program is the funding provided for Indigenous applicants - in today's environment, anyone still providing alternatives to unpaid internships is doing a great service to the cause of access to experience and fighting a depressing tide that only contributes to the current fragility of people's lives and ability to build them.

Declan Fry, Indigenous funded intern , ALRC

I particularly love that Aurora offers placements for the program in my field of profession. Social sciences is not as common amongst other foundations which do the same line of work as Aurora, so that factor alone stood out to me. The other great thing was having such a diverse and vast range of host organisations to choose from, and being able to choose. I also thought the support was great, and appreciated replies to my weekly reports, and fast replies.

Sharna Willie, ALRC