Australian Indigenous Doctors Association

My time with AIDA has gone but it has been the catalyst for many changes in my life direction and the most formative experience for me personally, since making the decision to go back to study.

Christine Torcetti, AIDA

The application process is quite arduous. You definitely need to be prepared to work hard, as expectations will be high, and to show that you are interested for the right reasons – that you want to contribute to a cause, not just pad your own CV. The upside of this process for the intern is that you can probably expect to be entrusted with important and interesting responsibilities on your eventual placement. Aurora has a reputation for sourcing excellent interns, so if you’ve made it through, host organisations take it as a sign that you will be highly competent and motivated. 

Matilda Handsley-Davis, AIDA

Overall, my time with AIDA has helped me to better understand the challenges facing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical community in Australia. I hope to be continually involved in this sector in my future medical career.

Laura Gilbertson, AIDA

Now that I have completed my Aurora internship I feel motivated to continue pursuing my interest in Indigenous affairs and Indigenous health, whether that will be through my career or volunteering. It was an incredibly valuable experience that allowed me to gain much greater insight into the sector and into the issues facing Indigenous Australians, and into how organisations like AIDA are working to improve them, than I could have had from study alone.

Matilda Handsley-Davis, AIDA

The work AIDA do for Indigenous doctors and medical students is astonishing.

Gerald Ryder, AIDA

I went to AIDA a not knowing what to expect, and left absolutely inspired about pursuing a future career in Indigenous health policy research.

Priya Kunjan, AIDA

My placement gave me the opportunity to become more familiar with some of the issues of cultural safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the healthcare system that contribute to the health gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, and of how cultural safety could be improved.

Matilda Handsley-Davis , AIDA

The Aurora Internship Program was the perfect opportunity for me to gain real-world work experience in Indigenous affairs, and to apply some of the skills from my recent studies.  AIDA value their staff, student and professional members, and are passionate advocates for the goal of population parity for Indigenous medical workforce numbers as a key way of closing the gap in Indigenous health outcomes.

Lindsay Christian, AIDA

Overall, my experience with AIDA is indescribable as I would do it again in a heartbeat. The staff that I met in the short amount of time made me feel at home and not only did they allow me to unlock my full potential, they opened more doors of opportunity for my future.

Brianna St John, AIDA

AIDA has been a wonderful host organisation and I'm lucky to have contributed to their important work.

Matilda Handsley-Davis, AIDA