Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

My time at AIATSIS was eye opening and has inspired me to pursue a professional career in policy research and to further my understanding of the native title sector throughout my academic career.

Kelsey Bagust, AIATSIS

Thank you - I really had the most incredibly inspiring time at AIATSIS.

Alexandra Crowe, AIATSIS

I am so grateful for the time I’ve spent at AIATSIS. It has been such a fantastic opportunity for me to develop an understanding of Indigenous cultures and peoples and their role in Environmental management within Australia. I’ve learnt so much!  The experience of working in government has really shaped my understanding of public service work and has helped inform future decisions about my career.

Kelsey Bagust, AIATSIS

This placement was really rewarding and contributed significantly to my professional development. It is a really rewarding experience and can be a great introduction to the Indigenous professional sector.

Briege Kelly, AIATSIS

It was extremely rewarding knowing that my work could go towards informing policy in a very important area. It was also great to learn so much about native title in different jurisdictions and the different stakeholders involved.

Kathleen Campbell, AIATSIS

One of the best aspects of the Program was the assisted expenses I received as an Aboriginal person. It enabled me to stay in Canberra, otherwise I would not have been able to afford it. All the team at Aurora is friendly and easy to contact. I have also been offered on going paid part-time work.

Stevie Wappett, AIATSIS

My experience at AIATSIS exceeded all my expectations and the people who I worked with in the Native Title Research Unit have certainly inspired me to be more involved in native title work in the future.

Ashoor Khan, AIATSIS

The best aspects for me were being able to put my academic knowledge and research to practical use through writing guides and providing information that will be used by native title holders and organisations.  Also, building those connections within the organisation and Indigenous sector more broadly, and getting a real understanding of what reconciliation looks like in practice.

Mia Stone, AIATSIS

Overall, my time at AIATSIS was an incredibly valuable experience for me and I have left with a much greater understanding of native title.  

Lee Usher-Clarke, AIATSIS

The tasks assigned to me have widened my understanding of the Native Title law framework in Australia. I am able to better comprehend complex judgements and appreciate the nature of PBC development and responsibility. 

Diya Sharma, AIATSIS

My Aurora internship has given me an opportunity to gain experience and insight into working in native title research and policy, which I am certain will be invaluable in my future career.

Jessica Ward, AIATSIS

The team environment and the workload was very comfortable and interesting. I anticipated a rather mundane data-heavy workload but this was contrasted by and influx of diverse, stimulating tasks and sophisticated lines of research inquiries. I felt greatly supported by my team and was made to feel safe in expressing my opinions and personally desired outcomes of my experience.  It was rewarding to feel valued by my team and contributing to the journey towards Indigenous advancement and the protection of cultural heritage.

Dakota Feirer, AIATSIS

I have not experienced such an engaging role in my work life outside of university, thus motivating me to develop my skills further in this area in order to become well qualified for similar positions in the future.

Alison Ross, AIATSIS

It has been wonderful to know that the work you are doing might be used in the future. To know that what you are doing is making a difference - that is rewarding in itself.

Zoe van Der Lee, AIATSIS

I have really enjoyed my time here at AIATSIS. This experience has been a positive one and I'm so glad I spent the winter at AIATSIS. 

Lucy Schroeder, AIATSIS

To have the opportunity to directly contribute to the Indigenous legal sector through legal research was a dream of mine and directly related to my career goals.   It also provided me with a greater insight into the differing cultural practices and beliefs of Indigenous groups across Australia and the important nature of some of these activities.  The research and writing skills I developed while in this role will be extremely valuable in any future legal opportunity.

Devereau Booth, AIATSIS

[At AIATSIS] everyone is incredibly knowledgeable and you feel as if you are learning new things every day.

Zoe van Der Lee, AIATSIS

Entering into the Native Title Rersearch Unit (NTRU) from a background of archaeology and not and legal or anthropology was incredibly valuable. I learnt so much about the sector and Indigenous affairs from working on so many varied pieces of writing and situations. It's been an incredible experience and has resulted in me gaining employment at the institute, not in native title however.


Angus Harden, AIATSIS

My work was fascinating and diverse and I gained insight into many aspects of the native title system.

Alice Nagel, AIATSIS

As a research master student of cultural heritage, I am delighted to have had this valuable opportunity to work at AIATSIS. I gained relevant knowledge of PBCs and the native title process, the roles and functions of PBCs, their key players and stakeholders, and how to make them work. The internship provided me with a possible future career path which I am looking forward to.  Not only have I gained a broader understanding of the native title sector, but honed my academic and career skills from the perspectives of Indigenous practice.

Yan Liang, AIATSIS

My experience at AIATSIS exceeded all expectations and I am so glad that I was able to do my internship here. The insights and perspectives of the staff in the native title research unit really inspired me to learn more about native title law as well as other issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Ashoor Khan, AIATSIS

The most rewarding aspects was the department diversity within the office and being able to speak to people from many different academic and professional backgrounds. AIATSIS was great because it felt like it had one foot in the public sector and one foot in the private.

Briege Kelly, AIATSIS

The internship was a very positive experience - it has also given me a good momentum to start the year and I have made great friends and great connections.​

Danae Lekakis, AIATSIS

What was particularly rewarding about my internship was the chance to put the skills I had developed through the School of History and the Bachelor of Philosophy program into practice. My previous research and writing about Australia’s past has been purely academic, and its audience has typically consisted solely of myself and my course convenor. It is a totally different experience to have undertaken work that goes directly to supporting institutions like AIATSIS in its important work in Indigenous culture and heritage.

Tandee Wang, AIATSIS

It was inspiring to have a chance to work and interact with some of the foremost experts in native title at the office, whilst at the same time reading their publications in the area. Overall, working with AIATSIS was an invaluable experience.

Bede Thompson, AIATSIS

My Aurora internship has provided me with valuable insight into the native title process, and furthered my interest in Indigenous studies as I move into the post graduate sphere.

Kelsie-Anne Bencich, AIATSIS

Internships allow graduates to gain an understanding of how the fields of research and public policy operate and introduce them to potential employers and networks.​

Tim Heffernan, AIATSIS

I found the internship to be a rewarding experience in multiple aspects and it was a positive experience on all fronts. It was important to me that I played my role in the organisation, and it has been great to hear that the work I completed while I was at AIATSIS has been useful. The experience has inspired and reignited my passions regarding Indigenous affairs. My experience was overwhelmingly positive, and I'm so glad I entered the program. I'd like to thank everyone who makes the program possible!

Lucy Schroeder, AIATSIS

The most rewarding aspect of placement was seeing and understanding how the legal profession can be utilised to achieve social justice and attempt to do good for greater society. AIATSIS is an incredible organisation which will support you if you show drive and passion for their work!

Stephanie Kerr, AIATSIS

The best aspect of the Aurora Internship Program was the ability to be involved in the employment of the law as a tool of advancing public interest. The human element of the law was reinstated and the internship has given my Law degree purpose.

Diya Sharma, AIATSIS

My internship opened my eyes up to the multifaceted and complex nature of native title law and it grounded in me a better understanding of the entire sector.​

Denae Dekakis, AIATSIS

I went in with a pretty limited understanding of native title, and even the role of AIATSIS in the Indigenous affairs sector. I left with a passion for native title, Indigenous affairs and a profound respect for the work done by organisations such as AIATSIS. 

Kelsey Bagust, AIATSIS

My time as an intern developed my professional skills, increased my confidence, and encouraged me to pursue a future in native title.

Sharon Ahmer, AIATSIS

 The Aurora internship experience was fantastic, insightful and highly informative  

Michael Harwood, AIATSIS

As an undergraduate studying Indigenous anthropology, tackling and working within the field of government policy and framework from the position of student-intern, proved very valuable.

Michael Harwood, AIATSIS