Aurora Education Foundation

My expectations of the internship experience were greatly exceeded. I have completed work experience multiple times in the past and was never given tasks that required responsibility and decision-making. The tasks I was delegated at Aurora were meaningful and I was often asked for my inputs and opinions when the team was making important decisions.

It has helped me grow professionally and personally. I think I have learnt a lot of valuable things that will assist me with my future studies.

Gemma Pol, AEF

The Aurora Education Foundation is conducting beneficial and innovative projects and I feel very grateful to have been a part of such an inspiring team. Hopefully, this experience will lead me into similar work in the future. 

Alinta Brown , AEF

I was really amazed to see how TAI combines academia and culture when teaching the students. It's a wonderful methodology where one compliments the other perfectly. The commitment shown by the Elders and TAI staff is integral to TAI's success. It was inspiring and humbling to be a part of this for a short time.

Shiralee Lawson, AEF

The experience I have gained from this internship has been so valuable to me and I am sure the skills I have learnt along the way will help me in my future career one way or another.

Annabel Raftery, AEF

After having completed the internship, I am excited by the possibilities of what my anthropological academic background might have to offer, inspired by the possibilities for future study within anthropology, and I am certain that working within the realm of Indigenous affairs is something that I have become passionate about, and something that I would like to steer my course towards. 

Brianna Tuohy, AEF

I gained a lot from my Aurora internship – I further developed my research and administrative skills, reached a greater understanding of how a not-for-profit operates, and gained insight into Australia’s education system.  

Shayma Taweel, AEF

The best part of my internship was working for such a worthy cause. Being a part of a foundation that is clearly producing notable results in the Indigenous education sector was really exciting.

Nina Balla, AEF

It was the best internship experience I have had so far.

Bernard Ma, AEF