Aboriginal Child, Family and Community State Secretariat

My experience exceeded my expectations and offered me an invaluable opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal affairs and enrich my knowledge pertinent to contemporary issues that Aboriginal children, young people, families and carers face in the country.

Emilia Freire, AbSec

It has been a brilliant experience and I am grateful for the opportunity provided by all. 

Samantha Lillie, AbSec

I found the experience to be invaluable. I truly feel privileged to have been given this opportunity to work with such inspirational people doing such tremendous work for our children and community.

Breeana Parsons, AbSec

As a proud Nywaigi woman from QLD, I have seen little to no cross over between my academic study and my culture. It wasn’t until my time at AbSec that I learnt how to incorporate the voices of Aboriginal people in decisions affecting Aboriginal people.  This 4-week internship was short and sweet but was the most rewarding part of my university studies and experiences so far.

Madison Cassady, AbSec

It was evident from the first day that the projects I would be undertaking would contribute significantly to the important work AbSec does. The tasks we were given were insightful and provided a good understanding of the responsiveness required within a policy setting.  My contribution allowed AbSec the opportunity to respond more comprehensively than time and resources may have otherwise allowed.

Samantha Lillie, AbSec

It has already influenced how I shape my perspectives toward Aboriginal Affairs. I truly believe that AbSec's passionate staff can significantly assist Aboriginal children, families and communities to acquire more equitable, safer and thriving lives.

Emilia Freire Cavalcanti da Silva , AbSec

All in all, this was an amazing internship experience where I learnt so much. I am eager to transfer what I’ve learnt back into my studies and into future work I do within the public health field.

Julian Aenishaenslin, AbSec

My time here has without a doubt exceeded any expectations I had when arriving. I have been very lucky to have had this opportunity to learn from and work with, some truly inspirational people. It’s an emotional area to work in. But the light in it all is that there are some phenomenal people working really hard to make change.

Elly Clegget, AbSec

Some of the most rewarding aspects were: contributing to meaningful projects; a broader understanding of Aboriginal cultures; deeper understanding of current issues that Aboriginal communities (especially families and children) face in NSW and Australia and participating in interesting meetings/discussions that can have a positive impact on Aboriginal communities.

Emilia Freire Cavalcanti da Silva , AbSec

I found my experience extremely rewarding and insightful. I once was an Aboriginal woman who knew little about the child protection space, which is concerning as it affects so many of our mob. I am now proud to say that I have been a part of an organisation that advocates to keep our Aboriginal children and young people safe and protected.

Lakkari Pitt, AbSec