Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority

Overall, my internship has been essential in helping me to foster a better understanding of the unique legislative protection of sacred sites in the Territory, as well as the many steps involved in site identification, documentation, and registration.

Sophie Holt, AAPA

It was amazing to be given creative freedom to analyse the AAPA sacred sites legislation, determine its effectiveness and provide feedback.

Hannah Belnick, AAPA

I have come away from this experience even more passionate about the area of Indigenous affairs, curious about the opportunities that the future holds and just generally very grateful for the six weeks that I had in the Northern Territory.

Winter Lappin, AAPA

The work was challenging at times however, I believe that the skills I developed and the insights I gained over the course of my six-week placement are invaluable to both my personal and professional journeys.  I feel extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to be privy to an amazing wealth of cultural knowledge.

Winter Lappin, AAPA

I learnt about the use of archival research of anthropological data as it relates to protecting sacred sites and also produced written reports using this information. Moreover, I increased my understanding about the role of applied anthropology in Central Australia, particularly regarding custodianship of sacred sites.

Alessandro Romasco, AAPA

It was really rewarding to be able to complete work that has a very 'real-world' effect. It was great to be able to write these sacred site registration reports and know that they will be presented to the organisation's board for approval, and once approved, be legally recognised and protected. It felt like you were contributing to something greater.

Hannah Moody, AAPA

I found the experience overall extremely beneficial. It was a huge learning experience and I believe that the insights I gained in a number of areas are invaluable. Specifically the knowledge I gained in: the Indigenous sector, the challenges faced by Indigenous people, what kind of work can be done in applied anthropology, the kinds of work that can be undertaken in northern Australia and the politics of native title and Indigenous land management more generally.

Winter Lappin , AAPA

All in all, I think it was a very eye-opening 6 weeks and made me realise I do enjoy the stationary, sometimes academic based, research work.

Cassie Taylor, AAPA

The Aurora internship was without a doubt one of the best experiences I have had the privilege to be part of.

Hannah Moody, AAPA

By the end of my time I really got a sense of how beneficial much of the work I had completed would be to the researchers and their ability to more easily access information. Other aspects of my time there allowed me to gain understanding of how the process works with regards to sacred sites and providing authority certificates for developers.

Josh Blode, AAPA

Undertaking an internship with the AAPA has been an invaluable experience. I was afforded a rare opportunity to gain a nuanced insight into Aboriginal heritage protection within the Northern Territory and Australia largely.

Victoria Herbert, AAPA

The internship program provides a gateway into working within the Indigenous sector. It provides great experience into the possible work you could be doing, and are able to decide if this is where you want to pursue a career.

Hannah Moody, AAPA

I have never had such a pleasant and positive working experience, it was wonderful to begin my professional journey with such an interesting project and the freedom to really get a feel for law-reform.

Hannah Belnick, AAPA

My time at AAPA was a really interesting and challenging experience, and I really enjoyed watching this organisation and how it worked behind the scenes. It's made me consider doing applied anthropology work in the future, and has also expanded my interest in Aboriginal Dreaming stories and their significance to different groups and sites.

Sienna Lake , AAPA

A huge thanks to Aurora for the amazing opportunity. Very sad that it’s all over but am confident that the experience will be valuable to my future endeavours.

Winter Lappin, AAPA

I want to take this opportunity to thank your team for all the assistance during my time up here in Darwin. I have really appreciated all of your support in getting me up here and allowing this opportunity to go ahead despite the circumstances around coronavirus. I have loved every minute of my internship, and it's been a privilege to be a part of this program. I was so pleased to be surrounded by the team at AAPA, with a diverse and rich skill set to draw from. My internship exceeded all expectations.  I have come away feeling inspired by the anthropologists at AAPA, I have learnt so much and I look forward to continuing to develop my skill set. 

Rose McRobie, AAPA

From an urban planning perspective, or just from thinking about the way towns are constructed, the recognition, listing and protection of scared sites is a significant step towards respecting cultural meaning and significance in the landscape. It has sparked an interest in pursuing some research into the existence of other types of legislation relating to this area, in other states of Australia. 

Sophie Holt, AAPA

The experience there was invaluable.  The work has real life application and implications. You get to work with all the tools of an applied anthropologist such as GPS and mapping tools, land tenure databases, custodianship as well as the cultural knowledge of site identification. It is a true privilege and insight into Aboriginal cultures.

John Glavimans , AAPA

This experience is invaluable to my further anthropological studies and future career.

Rina Garner, AAPA

I feel as though I have made a tangible, lasting contribution to the organisation, and a number of people will benefit from different parts of the report I wrote. I learnt a lot in my short time and would relish the chance to go back to Darwin someday and continue working in this field.

Julian Chant, AAPA

The more I learn about the work that AAPA does the more I want to learn!

Rina Garner, AAPA

I cannot express strongly enough how invaluable this placement has been to both my academic and professional development and that the outcomes have exceeded any expectations that I would reasonably have had.

Rina Garner, AAPA

I learnt so much about the indigenous affairs sector, and about the NT operating more generally. Significantly, I learnt what the law can look like when it is much closer to the surface.

Gabrielle Fee, AAPA