Native Title

We offer internships for Native Title Representative Bodies and Native Title Service Providers (NTRBs) and Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs). From 2007-2016 we also provided workshops and professional development for NTRBs and PBCs.  

  • Native Title in Australia

    The High Court Mabo case in 1992 ruled in favour of a claim to Murray Island by the Meriam people. For the first time, Australian courts accepted that traditional law and custom could be a basis for claiming land ownership by Indigenous people. The Native Title Act 1993 (NTA) established the procedure for making native title claims.  

  • For NTRBs

    Aurora offers internships for a unique experience in working in the Native Title sector. In the past Aurora offered training programs for NTRBs. Details of these can be found below. 

  • For PBCs

     Aurora offers intern support to under resourced PBCs via the Aurora Internship Program.  See below for more details.