Internship streams

The Program welcomes applications from candidates with an academic background in:

  • Law
  • Health & Social Welfare, namely:

Health science; Social work; Psychology

  • Social science, namely:

​Anthropology, Archeology; Community development.; Cultural heritage; Education; Environmental management; Human geography; History; Indigenous studies; 

  • In conjunction to the above, candidates may also have a background in:

Business, Economics, Finance, commence; International Relations; Media/Communications; Policy; Human rights.

  • Legal


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  • Social science


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  • Business

    In 2009/10 Aurora conducted a feasibility study into extending the internship Program to include business students and graduates to work in the native title and broader Indigenous sector.

    Aurora canvassed staff at all the NTRBs, a number of PBCs and other organisations about their potential business internship requirements. Research undertaken at the business, commerce, and economics faculties of 40 universities Australia-wide, determined the business-related programs with a practical component, and the level of study the practical component applied.