Policy Statement

The Aurora Project and Programs Pty Ltd seeks to respond to complaints and feedback in a prompt manner and with a view to improve the quality of our services.  Complaints provide valuable feedback to Aurora, they can help identify issues and problems and will be used to ensure enhancement in Aurora’s service delivery and systems.

A complaint made to Aurora could be in relation to a wide range of matters including the quality of service, the failure to provide a service, the conduct of Aurora staff, or the administration of a service.

Complaints can be made on behalf of someone else including a family member or friend.   If assistance is needed to make the complaint, Aurora will do its best to fulfil any requests.

This complaint handling policy is designed to ensure that any concerns are treated seriously and addressed promptly, fairly and equitably.


Feedback is the process or a specific instance of providing information to the organisation about any aspect of its service, program and activities.

A complaint is any written or verbal statement outlining a problem or concern involving Aurora.


Aurora understands that complaint information may be sensitive in nature, respects the complainant’s right to confidentiality, and will handle complaints in a fair, equitable and timely manner.  Information on complaints will be available only to those on a need-to-know basis and any identifying information will be removed prior to any discussion or documentation to organisational staff or the board.

How to make a complaint

In writing: Online: Complete our complaints form
  By fax:

(02) 8580 5139

  By post: 100 Botany Rd, Alexandria, NSW  2015
  By email:
Verbally: By phone: (02) 9310 8404 - Executive Assistant to the CEO

Complaint Resolution

  1. Both written and verbal complaints are directed to the Office of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Executive Assistant has delegated authority to administer the complaint handling process.
  2. Aurora will endeavour to investigate complaints within 14 days, where possible, given the nature of the issue and the availability / access to required information.
  3. The Executive Assistant will respond in writing to the complainant regarding the resolution.

Complainant Appeal

If a complainant is unhappy with the resolution, they may make an appeal to Aurora’s Chief Executive Officer.  This appeal must be made within 14 days of the resolution decision and include reasons for dissatisfaction.  The CEO will then undertake an internal review of the complaint decision and provide information to the complainant within 14 days.

External Review

Where a complainant is dissatisfied with complaint resolution, they may take action through an appropriate external body.

The Aurora Project and Programs Pty Ltd has funding agreements through the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C).  Therefore, complaints can be made through PM&C’s complaint handling procedure.

Contact details are:

Phone: (02) 6271 5688

Post: Complaints
Ministerial Support Division
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
PO Box 6500
Canberra ACT 2600